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Tuesday, June 16, 2015


 This past Sunday was the Beti Bike Bash, which this year took place in Castle Rock at a new venue, Philip S. Miller park. Bear Creek Lake State Park, the traditional venue, was under 30 feet of flood waters from all the rain and run-off this spring season, and I'm talking world class rains. The Betis did an incredible job of pulling off the event and over 400 women showed up to participate, ride and race on a fantastic day to ride a bike.
 Then this happened, the first annual Beti Bike Bash men's Drag Race. I was heavily recruited to participate despite having no gear. Thanks to Andi from POC for loaning me her husbands helmet to stink up, and Pivot Cycles for the Pivot LES FAT Carbon X01, with flat pedals. Also a big shout out to Kenny When at Stan's No Tubes for loaning me the green butterfly wings which Kaylee Blevins (Stan's No Tubes/Niner) fixed and adjusted for me. Then of course the rainbow Tutu donation to complete the ensemble. Yes there is irony in the fact that I was volunteered to ride a Fat Bike for as you all know I'm not a huge fan of beast mode bikes, more on that in a line or two. 
The event started off Lemans start, but only after all the bikes were hidden over a hill we had to run over first.....pure genius. I really did not plan to actually "race" this event, but just ride and have fun and take beer handups, which I did. It was a blast. But on a more serious note, I wanted to finally ride a fat bike under racing conditions to see what the story was. The bike was a bit small and seat a tad low which really did not matter much at all. The race was roughly 30 minute and I rode as hard as I could, it was really hard. the course was just under a mile long with a fair climb and fun descent back to the finishing straight. Look, let's start this discussion straight shooting, personally I see absolutely no need for a fat bike, which was confirmed during this ride. If you have an extra $3000-$5000 to spend on another bike and a place to keep it, get one, it's kind of fun to ride if you are completely bored with everything you already have, but from a practicality point of view...I'll never have one.
How was the ride? The bike was set up on about 6-8lbs of pressure which was like riding on mashed potatoes the entire time, this AIN'T no race bike. The tires did nothing but spin out on the short and steep punchy part of the climb and descending was an adventure at every turn on the granular granite surface which was super turny, it was SKETCHY and the riders behind me were laughing at my adventure trying to stay on the course at speed as opposed to drifting off into the scrub oaks and rocks...the Sram 1x11 drive train was slick, personally, I like more gears. 2x is perf for me.
The actual fat bike itself was a great bike and did what it is designed to do I suppose, move forward when you pedal it. The Pivot was comfortable to ride and with the low tire pressure there is no need for suspension on this rig. I can see a more practical use for these rigs on the slick rock and desert stone riding to the west, but I'd still never own one. I like my more traditional rig. This ride was fun, and legitimized everything I already believed about the fat bike, they are great if you need another reason to put a picture of yourself and your bike on Facebook proclaiming to be the first person to ever own one. Just remember, the crew in Glenwood Springs has been rockin them for about 15 you are just a little late on that one kids.
Photo credits go to miscellaneous people from the Beti Bike Bash 2015, including Des Colorado.

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