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Friday, December 31, 2010


Let's get on with it in 2011, and quit texting while you drive. Seems easy enough to me...


The guy in the big ol white pick-up truck is a contender for A2B Douche Bag of the year, and a very very late entry into the sweepstakes as this just happened yesterday right here in Colorado, however, he did not win the 2010 title, that has been reserved for another Douche Bag to be announced shorty.

Friday, December 24, 2010


This has been a bizarre winter to say the least. After the winter of 2009/2010 saw us freezing our proverbial asses off last year, for what seemed like an eternity, with virtually no good snow to ski until the very last couple of weeks of the season in March and April, this winter has been off to a big start in the mountains for snow with very mild temps. So mild in fact it rained for four straight days here in Eagle and up Valley, which for me is a blessing, as I truly do not like the snow much anymore, nor the cold, other than to ski occassionally. So I was pleasantly surprised on a bonus two hour road ride yesterday (three days in a row in Decmber? Insane) to find the new stretch of bike path west of Gypsum paved, and it was sweet, and interesting, and right on the river, and Martin J. Erzinger proof. Hit it.
I'm going for a ride...


Thursday, December 23, 2010


I went to my mail box yesterday and pulled out the stack of catalogs and bills which appear everyday anymore thinking nothing of it. This morning while sifting through the pile of doom, I came upon this gem, and I smiled, for it reminded me of a similar scenario many many years ago. I have not received one of these for years, but low an behold, this is what you get in the mail somehow after paying ALL of your bills WITH late fees on time for the past two years. An offer for an American Express Gold Card membership, with the first year annual fee of $125 waived. Apparently, the folks at American Express see me as a "live one" that they can get even filthier rich off of, god bless them during this holiday season for bringing so much cheer and joy to my life.
Here is the reason for the smile. In 1981, just prior to graduating from college, I received an approved gas credit card (remember those things?) from Chevron. IT WAS FREE FUCKIGN GAS FOR A COLLEGE STUDENT! So guess what I did. go ahead and guess, I dare you. Well, myself and good friend at the time Steve Jaffe, jumped in my 1974 Mercury Comet, and drove across the United States of America for nine weeks, and put every ounce of gas on that credit card, and I was STILL in college. We went everywhere, played golf at Pebble Beach, watched baseball games in every city that had one when we passed through, went to Tijuana, Banff, The Big Easy, San Antonio, Tucson, LA, San Diego, Portland, Seattle and Colorado (which became the reason I would move here two years later), just to name a few,  before heading back to the east coast where we both had relatives to refuel and then back south to Florida, in large debt. I've got a jillion pictures from that trip, and do not think I have ever been credit card debt free since that day. So thank you American Express for bringing back that memory, but I do believe that this time I may have to pass, you bastards. Ho Ho Ho Ho!! Merry Christmas!


However this can not be confirmed due to the fact that he did not stick around after allegedly drving through this intersection...

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Ok, enough, like Dave said during our conversation yesterday, we just have to move forward and let the absurdity of the hit and run case go away, and concentrate on changing things the next time we can vote. It's done, move forward. So, with that said, we had a great day of Cyclocross in Lyons on Saturday which helped determine the overall Boulder Cyclocross Series points winners. With double points on the line there was some FANTASTIC racing. And better yet, Dave Towle stopped by for a good part of the afternoon to hang out with the crowd, racers and at the announcer's table. Dave reflected on Nationals in Bend and spoke of how what a fantastic vibe and scene the Coloradan's represented while there, and that it truly was a state team effort up dere in the great northern country, wish I could have made the trip.

That said, the first stars and striped made an early appearance when Gage Hecht came to the line in our Junior field proudly wearing his National Championship colors which he dug very deep to earn...Katie Compton, Nicole Duke, Ashley Zoerner, Matt Pacocha, Jonathan Baker and Pete Webber were just a FEW of the Colorado riders that opened up there HUGE cans of woop ass in Bend. Very well done indeed...

Thursday, December 16, 2010


This is clearly a case of American blind justice people, you should all be outraged at this mocking of cyclist's rights.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I would have posted the next picture in the sequence but then you would not have been able to see Martin J Erzinger's face very well...

Monday, December 13, 2010


Today was the first big pow wow of all the town LOC's (Local Orginizing Committes) for the Quizino's Pro Challenge, in Golden, Colorado. This is going to be a monsterous event here in the Colorado High Countey as well as the front range. People are VERY excited about this event, and the amount of orginization and work it takes to put on an event such as this 7 day stage race is mind boggling. There are ALOT of people involved. Elgee is going to be one of them as the Vail Valley Foundation has asked me to be responsible for the Lifestyle/Vendor Expo while the QPC is in the Vail Valley. It aint announcing but an opportunity to work on the inside and get an amazing perspective on the event as well as learn another set of skills, similar to what we do here at the Teva Mountain Games but on an entire different scale. This will be HUGE. If you are interested in volunteering for the QPC, please go to the just realeased new Quizino's Pro Challenge Website to register for the stage you would like to work. I'll see you out there, the big guns are coming to Colorado. Mark Cavendish has apparently said he is not worried about the climbs here, to which I respond.....really?

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Dr. Steven Milo was treated for serious injuries after a July 3 hit-and-run accident. Milo, of New York, was cycling along U.S. Highway 6 in Edwards when he was struck from behind. The defendant in the case, Martin Erzinger, is claiming that a sleep disorder is responsible and that he didn't know he hit someone when he left the scene. This photo was filed with the court Friday by Milo's attorney.
I beg all cyclists to read the artcile which is linked above this photo of Dr. Steven Milo. This Thursday, the cocksucker who hit this guy and RAN AWAY LIKE A PUSSY AND FELON, will be in court right here in my backyard in Eagle, Colorado. Please show up on your bikes to help circle the wagons on Mr. Erzinger. His appearance is at 2:00pm Mountain standard time when he stands be fore the judge in the same courtroom wher Kobe Bryant took one for the team just a few years back. I'd imagine that just like Kobe, this dickwad will pay his way out of marrying Bubba in prison where he actually belongs. Please come and support cyclist's rights tothe road, and to punish losers who think they can get away with near murder, and driving away with it.
Thank you.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


If you're a chick, and you want goggles that are specifically designed for your pretty face, with killer strap "art" and the coolest buckle out there. Get your funk on with Church and State Optics, designed for and by women. Talk about Shizzle.
The "Tough Cookie" voted best Shizzle for women by Ski Mag

I on the other hand rock the Klonyx from Rudy Project, shown here with Camo and Kayvon Red double lenses, and the White/Red Frame with Laser Silver double lenses. They also come with nose protection for wicked cold days that clip on the frame, which are lined with soft stuff to protect your shnoziola. And for geeks like me who wear glasses, how about the clip in for perscriptions, BOMB? SHIZZLE, SHIZZLE AND MORE SHIZZLE, best goggle out there for dudes, by far


This look like a great way to end up with a busted bike and a big hospital tab...
photos Kenton Berg
Cyclocross Nationals kicked off today in Bend Oregon and it sounds like a couple of home boys kicked arse in the "B" race designed especially for sandbaggers. Michael Robson and Darren Cheek finished one and two and from the looks of conidtions at the "Time Trial" course which was designed to eliminate a for shit call up system, I'm glad I'm not there punishing myself mentally and physically this year. I would like to be there observing or announcing, but riding, been there in KC, and it was not pretty. Kudos boys.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Below is a vij of a race. It tells part of a story. You see men riding around in circles for an hour, and then three riders come across the finish line in the order which the podium reflects. This is a small part of the story, and instead of a boring race recap of who attacked where and how things panned out, here is an honest recap from a race announcer's point of view, and just how hard the call was for me yesterday.
Everyone out there knows Jake Wells and his family are very close friends of mine, and yesterday was an amazing opportunity for me to not only observe the 2010 State Cyclocross Championships, but I was also presented the chance to call the action due to some unfortunate occurrences which took place for another announcer. DBC Events asked me to sit in on the mic all weekend, and I was honored.
When one of your best bros is out there racing, for a championship, and you call the action, it's VERY difficult not to play the homer and stick to the task at hand, for every rider out there has a fan base, and you must be fair, concise and spot on making the call. Typically I'd be out in the field screaming words of advice and encouragement, but that is just not possible while on the mic. You must watch the ebb and flow of the race, and call it, and keep it exciting. Yesterday's race was incredibly exciting, with three riders I really like at the front, all incredibly talented. I wanted Jake Wells to win yesterday, badly, and I wanted to be making the call when it happened. This is probably not fair to Jake to say "we" wanted this win badly, as I know how much he hungered for this win himself, and Jake is the one who put in the countless hours of training, travel and sacrificed the time with his family to be there yesterday, but  we all of course hoped for a win. The racing was fierce at the front, and it was anybody's ballgame with one to go when Wells jumped. Once reeled in late, I too was on the edge of my seat as the threesome approached an amazing finish. Just one difference between myself and everyone else, I had the microphone and had to stay focused on my task at hand. When Brandon Dwight made the decisive and perfectly timed move approaching the finish, I had to call it like I saw it. I do not even know what words came out of my mouth it was so exciting. I do remember this, when I saw Jake could not answer the move, and the words "Brandon Dwight has Jake Wells in trouble" came out of my mouth, my heart sunk, and it hurt me to see my good friend not have any gas left to complete his dream. But Jake won yesterday, in so many eyes, as our lives will never be defined by one moment in one race, but rather the overall journey and excitement we provide for others in the arena, whatever that may be. Brandon Dwight and Pete Webber rode amazing yesterday, there has never been a more well deserved win, Jake Wells MUST travel to Bend, Oregon with his head held high, as the big show now lies in front of him at Nationals this coming weekend, and I'll be watching my computer screen screaming like a mad man in hopes for a top 10 finish for Jake in Bend.
The interviews with these three at the end of this vij are spot on and very reflective of what went down yesterday in a fantastic battle. Thanks for a great race guys, I hope I kept it nuetral on the mic, cause it was difficult to say the least.
Vij from Brian Patrick of Onsight-Media

Photo poached fro Greg Keller's tweet

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Something new and different, Ryan McFarling takes a chainring to the calf for the team, J.J. Clark won the signature event of the day, the 35+  open field, which was nearly 100 deep. Look close and you'll see pieces of ryan's calf on the chainring teeth.

Vij poached off of 303 cycling.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Boy, I thought crap weather jacked up Cult Cross one year, imagine settin this course and having to cancel due to wind? It happened today at Bevaer Creek, it was RIPPIN wind on top of the course, good thing the rest of the skiing was saweet.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


February 24, 2008 - Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images North America)
Some years ago, when I started racing Cyclocross with friends of mine from
Eagle County down on the front range, there was always one thing that made the races better, and more fun, and more exciting. It was a show, it was not just a bike race. The voice, the wit, and the character of Dave Towle always made the race day a great experience, and on the long slog back to the mountains Dave's commentary always snuck into the conversation and we would laugh. The guy just had a rare talent.

Well, a few years go by, and I end up promoting and announcing some small hometown races and find I like the mic. This probably spewed from 11 years of playing music professionally back in the 80's and 90's in Summit County, as well as a year long stint as a radio DJ for an AM Country Music station that hailed from Dillon back in the 90's. These small town "gigs" announcing and promoting lead to an opportunity to announce the cycling events at the Teva Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado, which this year drew some 40,000 fans for the weekend. This got me some more and much needed exposure, and from there the ball has been rolling, in a very positive direction for the most part. I've been blessed to announce many mountain and road bike races in Colorado as well as my favorite, Cyclocross all over the front range of Colorado for the past two seasons, it's been an amazing experience getting to witness and call so many amazing athletes in amazing races.

I've also made some mistakes along the way, way before I ever thought I would be pursuing a professional announcing career I stepped on toes of some promoters, right here on this blog. Damn, I truly had no understanding of just how many people were reading my rants and raves out there in cyberworld until the day I called out Brook Watts and Chris Grealish for charging people to get into Cross Vegas on the pages of A2B. It was never meant as a personal attack, but it came across that way, it was simply a difference of opinion which caused quite a bit of strife out there. One thing I have learned over the past couple of years since those days, is that good bike racing is entertainment, and worthy of some type of "charge" to view, I'm not sure what that price is, but it is definitely worth the price of admission if you understand just how good all these athletes are, and I love calling the action. I understand those who were pissed about my stance on that issue, there were also many who agreed and supported what I thought. Bottom line is, it would be nice if that all flows under the bridge some time and I actually get to work with those guys in the future.

But the main point of this ramblishing, is to thank one person alot. Dave Towle, who'm I have a tremendous amount of respect for as he is simply the best at what he does and has been a tremendous help to me this race season. From our conversations face to face, and Dave reaching out to me to give me some great advice for a path to the future, it has been an incredible confidence boost to have his support. I mean are you kidding me? That's like some street fighting rookie having Angelo Dundee in his corner as he starts his path towards his dream of a heavy weight crown. His public support of me as a race announcer means a ton, and the support I get from so many racers and fans is telling me I may have a shot at this if I stick with it. And I do not plan on going anywhere, 2011 is already shaping up to be a great season on the mic. So THANK YOU Dave Towle for the Ten Fidy is on me, and of course, thank you to the racers and fans, you are the ones that give us the call.
photo sammy rutherford

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Jake Wells goes from fourth to north on day two of Jingle Cross. The start had him fourth wheel, then he got taken out by a knap sack and could not recover...Now it's back to Colorado for the State Championships, and then National's in Bend, Oregon. I'll be missin all of it this year.
photo  Amy Dykema

Saturday, November 27, 2010


This appears to be something I could use I will.

Or perhaps either of these, click these pics for the specs.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


VeloNews Story HERE
This is a fuzzy photo off Chuck Coyle from Frisco Cross 2010. Chuck is in the middle of a HUGE pile of shit right now regarding an "issue" with EPO which at best seems a bit unclear. I know many of you believe that I do not have an ounce of knowledge in my head when it comes to the news in our regional cycling community, however I do know alot of people who ride and race and spend quite a bit of time in the scene. This group of friends includes people who know, race against and with Chuck Coyle. I can't say I know Chuck as a friend but I've always tried to be cordial with the guy as I see him often while either racing, cheering or announcing at our local scene, he's always been a crowd favorite.  A2B "sources" have explained what they know about this situation and I'm actually going to for once try to have some journalistic responsibility as I have learned over the 3.5 years of producing all the garbage and fun on this blog site, that ALOT of people read this. What I have heard regarding this story is what some people out there have heard and may know, it does not necessarily mean it is true and I am not standing behind one person or another, nor do I support or condone USADA or WADA. I do know doping needs to stop. I also know it probably would have been fair to Chuck Coyle if some of the details of the entire story came out rather that it just being a story of Coyle being tied to EPO. He is not even accused of using the drug, but rather being associated with it. Bottom line is this sucks for cycling locally and worldwide, and Hudz-Subaru should not be scorned or associated with the story....more later.
(Update, Coyles response HERE)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I've got to work my arse off over the next week for the holiday so I offer you this as I toss my bird in the oven this eve.

I'm a bachelor that cooks, pretty well I might ad, but I don't touch this nasty thing. I'm not sure what my grandmother, god rest her soul,  used to do with these things but she could make something that was a delectable delight from this gobbler neck, which I always found odd. But touche.
(I've got a sneaking suspicion that Bristol Palin might eat this thing in one bite, raw, to help keep that svelt figure of hers).
I thought it might be useful by strapping it to the inside of my thigh under my pants on my next trip to the airport and then video taping the pat down from the TSA...

With that said, I'm not so sure what the hoopla is all about with this new airport system. I mean truly folks, if you bitch about the pat down, and some guy or gal blows up your plane because they had an explosive sausage stuffed in their crotch or up their ass, please do not text me on the way to the ground looking for sympathy because we need to do whatever we can to catch these bastards who will go to no end to try and jack us up. To the contrary, I sympathise a bit with the TSA employees that have to touch every fat, stinky, nasty person that comes through their gate, can you imagine the conversations these people must be having at the bar later that eve? I mean, they must offer each other money to squeeze some of the foul meat that comes through the airport on a daily basis...anyway, Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Well, it did not take long for me to realize why Vail does pretty much suck as a ski area. Once again as I pulled in to the parking structure to start off my ski season at Vail I was quickly reminded of the $25 it is going to cost every single car that parks there this winter. It's a joke, and a rip-off, and I know where all the "free" spots are, christ, I've been skiing there for the better part of 30 years, but it's pretty much just a slap in the face for every skier that heads there to ski, and it takes ALOT of money away from the local merchants as you have to spend your lunch and beer money everyday there to park a 1/4 mile from the ski hill and then walk your ass off to get to the ski lifts. The choice is yours, pay $100 a day to ski, then $25 to park, walk like a hod to the ski lifts, spend $20 on a slice of pizza, $5 on a coke, $7 on a candy bar, $8 on a beer, all while on the hill, then what are you going to spend with the local merchants when you get off the hill? Your first born. Thank god Beaver Creek opens on Wednesday, I'll park for free and go have lunch at Gino's in Avon for $8, which gets me a killer Chicago style beef sangmich, chips and a bottle of Coca Cola. Terry needs the money alot more than those greedy bastards up the road, trust me, Gino's rox it.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


And Sunday was a day of rest, before powder skiing on Monday.
So I made my list for Santa, it has one item.
Now I'm going to go rob a bank.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


But you must check out both of these videos. They are all over the internet, now they are one more place, on A2B. This is just amazing, let's let them do the splainin.

And not to disrespect the talent above, but if you are really bored, here is vij from Dale Riley of our race last Sunday at the USGP of CX in Fort Collins, The New Belgium Cup


When the Ullr made his appearance early last week, it was time to make the drive over Vail Pass to The Legend, Arapahoe Basin for the goods, and the goods were there after three days of heavy snow in the high country...deep in the base area.
Exibition was for just that
The West Wall was wasted after two runs Chinese Downhill style, but deep.

The Beavers are already nearly perf....Avie gear is a must out here.

King Cornice is already king
This actually IS November, not March...