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Monday, August 31, 2009


More sickness from the 29er world....the Carbon Air 9 from Niner.
Let's call this one the "Carboner"
This sick hardtail will make it's debut at Eurobike in just a day or two. The first thing I notice is the "similarity" to the Specialized geometry. And of all the Carbon hardtail out there, I've heard the least about Specialized breaking this year while I know many of the others have had issues with snappage.


Photo credit ©Jon Devich

Cycling News;
George Hincapie wins the USPRO Championship in Greenville.
Amidst a thunderous ovation from his partisan Greenville, South Carolina crowd massed along the finishing straight, George Hincapie (Team Columbia-HTC) sprinted to his third US professional road championship on Sunday, besting breakaway companions Andrew Bajadali (Kelly Benefit Strategies) and Jeff Louder (BMC Racing Team).

Sunday, August 30, 2009


The Koppenburg climb saw it's share of carnage, it was loose and rutted and required concentration to maintain your lines.

Racers charge the hill

Amazingly enough, the Koppenburg finally went off today in Superior, Colorado after three previous cancellations due to snow this past spring. Under very Cross looking skies, the roadies lined it up for this way fun circuit. Named after it's famous European counterpart because of a short but brutal dirt climb, which this year was loose, rutted and the sight of some carnage, the race was heavily contested in all cats. The Freak rode himself to a solid second, and Wuz Up Holmes Gregory was there with the lead group when the air decided to leave his front tire, ending his day early. My day went really well as my body is well healed and the nasty cold is being put away like a cheap suit. I was able to mix it up at the front the entire race, work plenty at the front, and then had a minor tangle on the last trip up the Koppenburg climb with a slower rider from the group in front of us which was enough for the lead group of seven to escape me, but it was a great day just the same, more learned about the road.....

The grunt begins...
The fields were substantial
The chasers try to minimize damage...
Scotty Borkmansk was in the bad place all day....

The Kopp takes a victim

Somewhat organized chaos...

One of the Lead groups keeps the pressure on...

Mafia's Spencer Paulus charging up the loose climb

Another Kopp victim...

Saturday, August 29, 2009


A quick "suggestion" about breakfast in Moab

Red Cliffs Lodge, Moab, Utah....sweet eve for a party with friends

Fortunately, I was asked by the Johnsons, Dave and Becky, to provide musical entertainment at their rehearsal dinner at the Red Cliffs Lodge just upriver from Moab last night. I had driven by this place many times over the years and always wanted to check it out. Last eve was the opportunity and it did not disappoint. What an awesome evening with awesome friends in an awesome setting for a rehearsal dinnerSick views, bluebird skies in MoabJust one of millions of spires and towers in the Moab area

And of course with temps above 100 degrees during the day, I needed a quick morning ride before heading out of town, so I opted for my pre-ride of the 24 hour course at 7am to beat the heat. Alot of surprises out there. The early season rain has scoured the course, it's fast and firm most of the way now, and there are big signs of erosion in spots you did not have them previously. Almost the entire descent back into the start area on the road is down to the hard pack due to all the sand having washed away, it's bizarre, and it's fast. Keep your fingers crossed for low winds between now and race day, not likely.....

Slip your rear tire climbing this and you will pay

Things look alot different out there being scoured by rain, The Nose Dive

If you've raced the course, you probably have never looked up to see this archway in the bluff rock, there is another on the back side as well.

Prepping the room for hot laps...

A New Olympic Record, it was just a matter of time...

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Dick Dime, of East Vail, was training for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships when he was hit by car Saturday in the Denver area and seriously injured
Special to the Vail Daily/
Dick Dime (a.k.a. Richard Paradis) is an exceptional Colorado runner, cyclist, triathlete and snowshoe racer. He is also a snowboarder, a punk rocker, a pirate (not really), a PBR lover, a vegetarian, a great friend and a loving Dad. He gives his whole heart to everything he ever does, whether it's trail running with his dog Ramone, training for an Ironman, booking rock bands, running a bar or a vintage store.
Dick Dime likes to say that he is a man-child and that he will never grow up.
His athletic accomplishments include 3rd in 40-44 AG in 5430 Long Course Triathlon in Boulder Colorado, a 2:52 marathon, a 1:17 half marathon, placing overall in many local races. You can find more details about his race results on his
Athlinks Page
On August 22, 2009, during a training ride for Ironman 70.3 World Championships, Richard was involved in a really bad car-bike accident. He suffered a serious head injury. The road to recovery will be long. Richard doesn't have health insurance or close family to take care of him but his awesome group of friends are by his side. Their care as well as the support of the triathlon community has been remarkable so far, but he will need a lot more help and support going forward and making his way back to a full recovery.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Some quick pics from Romp them Runway, a one of a kind road race that will never be repeated at the Eagle County Airport


Addicted to Bicycles, if you have not noticed, has added it's proverbial shit pile song list for your listening pleasure while reading this proverbial shitpile of garbage. Only one catch, the song list is set to automatically play, soooo, for future vijeos, YOU will be required to hit the pause button on the play list to hear the Vij commentary on it's own, tough I know, but you can figure it out. It may go away if the general response says it sucks. You can practice this sound manuever with the below vij, it's sweet

My Summer Shit from chris clappe on Vimeo.

Oh, and by the way, this race is tonight on the new Eagle County airport runway...

The Eagle County 9000, a first of its kind bike race, will allow cyclists to compete in a 9,000 foot, straight-line speed dash along the newly finished runway, before it’s grooved and put into service. The race will be capped at 32 riders per category and includes two flights in each category, one female and one male flight. There will be a youth category for those ages 10 to 14, an open category, a vet category for ages 35 and older and an open cruiser bike category. The race will include a semi-final flight in each category followed by a final flight where the top four from each semi-final flight will race against each other. The youth bike race will begin at 5:30 p.m. followed the open, vet and cruiser bike categories at 6 p.m.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
Squirt is very excited to announce the CU Buffs as the latest addition to our stellar list of sponsored teams, athletes and events...Go Buffs Cycling Club!
In the meantime, I woke up with a MF'n wicked cold this morning, have not had one like this in quite sometime, you know the cold where your throat is so freekin sore it hurts to breath. Just a step shy of Strep sore. This year has turned into a series of stumbling efforts to try and get out of my own fucking way. Crash, recover, get sick, get better, crash again get hurt more, get sick, get better, crash. Fuck, I'm over it. I did watch a fine series of courtroom shows today however, Judge Judy, Alex, Johnson, Shmails, Wapner, followed by the Jerry Springer show. Outstanding television! Makes this blog appear as a Pulitzer prize winner.

I did learn a few new words today watching these fine TV programs, Many people had to Ax the judge a question, and the new term for an Acura is Akra

Sunday, August 23, 2009


At the risk of being a accused of fancying myself a male chauvinist pig, I introduce to you the Squirt Girls. Uhh, who would like their chain lubed now I ask? Wooouuuuuuld jya?

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Everyone joined in the trail building fun this week
Awesome views from the singletrack
The latest edition to our singletrack network was completed this week, a trail I call "Rose Garden" after the person who took the initiative to get er done, Kent Rose. Many people busted knuckles to get this one done and it's a great addition to the network. Killer views over Brush Creek from the Bluff top are the highlight with more classic Eagle windy twisty trail through sage fields. The track is VERY loose right now until we get some rain, watch the speed in the corners until then as washing out is easy to do in the soft corners...Thanks to all that helped, INCLUDING the jail prisoners (for real) that came out and did an awesome job. Community Service served well!

Many thanks to John Shipp from the Dusty Boot in Eagle for throwing us one hell of a food and drink bash when the work was done..

The drop in off the edge of the bluff

Burmed corners with drainage

Cattle guards and fencing all complete

Rock and dirt work done...go rip it

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Look, most of you know I've been wearing those sweeeet Rudy Project Yellow Ekynox glasses racing my bikes now for over ten years, that's right OVER ten years, and they STILL are not broken and the lenses have minimal scratches. God only knows my body is battered from dozens of horrific bike wrecks over those years, but the glasses, oh those Rudys keep tickin. Those vintage glasses also have "clip in" technology which allows me to SEE while riding as at 52 (next month), I can't see for shit anymore. Well, it's a bummer, but old yeller is about to be retired and replaced by Rudy's SICK new RX technology when these babies (Exowind) arrive. If you need a script in your glasses, Rudy Project now has an option which allows you to have you prescription etched right into the lense, NO MORE CLIP INS, AND the freekin lenses adjust to light differences, and the lense choices are endless. I'm not going to know what to do with myself, can it be this convenient? Well, when I get em I'll give you the entire scoop, in the meantime, here is their description...

Rudy Project's new architectural piece brings visual performance, snug comfort and style on a sleek and dymamic chassis. Using QuickChange™ technology, lenses can be easily changed to manage any light condition. Mounted with our new Photochromic Clear ImpactX™ lenses, the Rudy Project Exowind™ will ensure unparalleled wraparound protection and enhanced visual clarity for any performance, at any climatic condition. Incorporated innovative co-injected Ergonose™ 4 insures stunning stability and exceptional ergonomics. The Exowind™ is prescription-ready, either with our easy-in-easy-out patented RX insert, or direct, with our revolutionary ImpactRX™ program powered by Shamir® digital freeform technology.

Technically SICK eyewear


Use sun screen

Then go ride Monarch Crest

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This past weekend while everyone was all Lanced out in Leadville, there was another battle for the ages going on in Gunnison at the 24 of Gunny's Rage in the Sage. Mafia Racing put together a four man monster team that was contested by Team Beaver Hammer from the Vail Valley. The racing was tight as each team threw body blow after body blow at each other until midnight. The lead changed hands several times during the first 12 hours and this was highlighted by Jake Wells crushing the old course record time laying down a 50 minute and change lap during the day. Jdubber also had the fastest night lap at 54 minutes and change. Two flats during the night laps, which were time consuming to repair cost Mafia the overall title as Thompson and Nota helped lead the Hammer team to victory...good racing and good times. On the solo scene locally Kerry White ripped around the super fun course to a podium finish in the solo women's cat. This by far was the best 24 Hour venue, course and scene I've been around. The folks at KOA hooked everyone up with killer food and accomodations. If I had one 24 hour gig to do, it would be this one. Well done Gunnison.
Base Camp for 24 of Gunnysack

3/4 of Team Mafia, Courtmansk on course

T Wells gets ready to burn a hot lap like dad

Sunset in Gunny was a monster

Dark hours arrive

Dubber talks about the next lap

Jeff Thompson heads out just seconds in front of Jdubs on lap five as the battle continues

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Guess who...

2009 Leadville 100 MTB Race results:
1. Lance Armstrong 06:28:512. (course record)
2. Dave Wiens 06:57:023.
3. Matt Shriver 07:09:484.
4. Alex Grant 07:10:545.
5. Len Zanni 07:11:216.
6. Max Taam 07:16:567.
7. Travis Brown 07:22:058.
8. Manuel Prado 07:35:279.
9. Mike Hogan 07:35:3510.
10. Jason Tullous 07:35:47

Unfortunately, this rainbow preceded the storm that buried 1300 racers in freezing rain just 30 minutes into the 2009 Leadville 100 When I woke up in a rain soaked tent at the beginning of the Columbine climb at the Leadville 100 the morning of the race, there was an incredible storm brewing just to the west. The race had just started at 6:30 am and it was butt ass cold. There was a dusting of snow on the peaks surrounding Leadville that morning, and 40 miles into the race the real storm was wreaking havoc on the entire field, a storm by the name of Lance Armstrong. I was fortunate enough to have ridden up to the spot on the Columbine climb where Lance began his move. I rode up in my WINTER parka in a miserably cold rain deluge. When Lance appeared suddenly in solo attack mode, it was clear that this race was already over. When Dave Wiens followed in second place, he was already waving the white flag as he sarcastically chuckled when I mentioned he was chasing down Lance Armstrong which made it clear that at this point he was racing for second place, and this just 45 miles in. Lance had put three and half minutes into Wiens in just five miles of climbing, and by the time they came back down from the plateau just fifteen miles later, the lead on my watch was 16 minutes, the king of the 100 had been crushed by a Tour legend. Wiens rode strong to second place, but Armstrong's performance from mile marker 40 to 60 was devastating. I'll complete this post later this eve....more vij and pics to come from Leadville and the Rage in the Sage 24 Hour race. Crazy weekend!

Wiens chuckles at the thought of actually chasing Armstrong, then it's Shriver who was the lead out for Lance, Grant, who says "man he is going fast" at mention fo the four minute gap, and Lance's 12 Hours of Snowmass partner Zanni.

Travis Brown (Squirt Lube and Trek athlete) comes by in sixth place and gives Squirt the call out, "my drivetrain's like butter" 45 miles into the rain soaked mudfest at the Leadville 100.

Lance descending off of Columbine, now with at least 15 minutes on Wiens. This descent is on one of the most bizarre course layouts I've ever seen in a race, with 1300 riders coming UP the hill while Lance is flying DOWN the hill, fast. The road was muddy and riders climbing were three abreast in places. VERY dangerous descending.

This was not the only storm brewing at 7am on Saturday morning in Leadville, Lance Armstrong was the other.

The climb up Columbine was contested in very difficult conditions

The morning of, with monster storm rollin in.

1300 Racers tackled the Columbine climb in very variable weather conditions...

Pardon the shit camera work when I saw this bear cub climb a tree while driving to Leadville...

Special guest appearance by Mario C. Senior

And of course a Lance souvenir from his first Leadville 100 victory, this got tossed right after the vijeo I shot of Lance as he went by, notice the "X" on top of the bottle, must be some triple top secret stuff in there.