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Saturday, January 30, 2010


You are NOT going to believe this one, but I'm riding along the coast of California today on the PCH, when a slough of riders turns off one of the side streets just behind myself and JK. As I look over and notice the red and black kits and realize it's the BMC squad as we head up the Pepperdine Hill in Malibu. Well as the train rolls by, I glance over and see the rainbow stripes on the lead rider, who just happens to be Cadel Evans, no big deal. I've been here a day and more crazy crap has happened than all of last year.
At the front, Cadel Evans, no shit.

Monday, January 25, 2010


All photos and videos from CX Mag

Above is the course layout for this year's 2010 Cyclocross Worlds in Tabor, Czech Republic. It's a windy, curvy, technical SOB that absolutely suits Katie Compton from the USA perfectly. We ALL hope KFC can overcome her resurfacing leg cramp mystery by this weekend to compete and throw down a good ol cup of USA woop ass in Tabor. Also look for Katarina Nash and Amy Dumbrowski (USA) to throw it at the front of this race with Nash a possible upset favorite if she has a clean race. Mountain Biking skills will be an advantage in Tabor. The men's race should be interesting indeed with Neil's Albert in form and Sven Nys there and probably most peoples pick to win it all. However, the wild card maybe be World Cup points leader Stybar, who is a Czech rider himself, to be possibly motivated by the home crowd to a victory. USA rider J. Page and National Champion Tim Johnson should mix it up as well and a top ten for either would be huge....follow the live action at CX Magazine online this weekend.
An animated World Championship Tabor Course

Saturday, January 23, 2010


It snowed all day in Vail, and BIG. The weather pattern FINALLY turned our way last night, let the games begin!

Friday, January 22, 2010


We are suffering for snowfall this year, but if that is the worst of my worries, well, no worries.

I've got to give a call out the crew at Christy Sports at Beaver Creek. One of the big bennies of my new job (one of four by the way, hey, whatever it takes in this shit economy) is that I get free pillaging of the Demo fleet at our in house ski shop, Christys, for the entire season. It's like taking whatever 2010 you want from your local bike shop for as long as you want and not paying a dime, I mean, cmon. Of course we send every single house guest to them for rental gear in return. I wanted this ski at the beginning of the season, the Dynastar Mystic. I would describe this ski as "Oh My God Holy Crap". If you put this board under the proper foot, it will ABSOLUTELY RIP LIKE NO OTHER. This ski just wants power, in the form of speed in crud, pow, chop chop or whatever. I mean, are you kidding me? Almost time to dump the B3's for a pair of these stix.


It was Germany's Andre Griepel winning stage 4 of the Santos Tour Dwon Under today, he's basically crushing the race right now and pissing off the homefolk of Robbie McEwen. Radio shack has got Steegmans in the mix in 4th overall and I must admit that now that I've seen the RS kit in action, it actually looks pretty damn good. After all, it is the same colors that the Fair Lawn High School Cutters fly, and you all know that Bruce Jankowski graduated from there.

Stage three recaps..

And here is one that NONE of you will get, however I do because I'm just an old guy..from Fair Lawn, NJ.

Dr. Dave Sime - Olympics 1956 & Bruce Jankowski- Ohio State Game @ Yahoo! Video

When I was ten years old, in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, one of my best friend's dad, Kenny Mead, was a volunteer for the ambulance core in our home town. One of the coolest memories I have of those days was getting to ride in the BACK OF THE AMBULANCE to the home games for the Fair Lawn Cutters. I was probably on the sideline of some of these games tossing a football with Kenny after we popped out of the back of the ambulance. If you laugh at this video you will go to hell with Pat Robertson.

2006 Fair Lawn High School Hall of Fame @ Yahoo! Video

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Can the timing be any worse? Just when we thought that Katie Compton may have overcome her mysterious voodoo cramping problem, it resurfaces just two weeks prior to worlds when she is LEADING THE WORLD CUP CX STANDINGS. This is some incredibly bad misfortune for Katie and we can only hope that she somehow is able to recover before the CX Worlds in just 8 days. Damn that sucks. The CX world needs to create some kind of crusher mojo kumbaya superjuker gamma ray over to Europe to get her ready for another shot at Worlds. This year the course suits her well as it's techy with not near as much pavement as last year's crit, keep your fingers crossed.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The big heavys have hit the pave down under, and believe it or not it's time to roll for the 2010 season. There are some great websites out there that will allow you to follow the action during the course of the Cancer Council Classic Tour Down Under, you can start here at

Monday, January 18, 2010


Since my youth, I've had a problem with eating too much and then paying the consequences. Today, after the first double of the year which included some agro fast skiing at the Beav, and then an afternoon session on two wheels on the road, I was hungry, and much like I did whence I was a toddler I went in big, and I'm talking think 14 jars of strained carrots. It was the lunch special at Asian Spice Bistro and then a session at Taco Bell where they had to close after my order due to running out of food. Well, just an hour later, there was a magnitude 8.4 earthquake in my pants, and the resulting damage has me buried up to my neck. Please text "shit in pants" to 90999 and help me dig out of this mess. Water is a waste of time at this point, and the only medication I need is a gallon of Pepto Bismol. Thank you for your support.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Crackberry photo
A funny thing happened on the way home from work today, I hit the stop light after exiting off I-70, and there it is, a ESPN looking sign that says SNOWCROSS with a big red X on it, and it's pointing towards the Cult Cross Course. So I head down there, because I had not heard a word about it prior, and with just about a dead battery Crackberry phone, and no A2B vij camera, I though it was time to put the phone vijarama camera to the test. Well folks, it was nice of the Snowcross crowd to CLEAR the Cult Cross course for us so they could build this snow oval, cheers to that, and the smell of race fuel was shall we say, "like the smell of napalm in the morning", Yummy. Pretty cool shit right here in the hood though.

Friday, January 15, 2010


There was only one moron out on the road win a rubber biscuit if you can guess who it was.
Rockin the Rudy's
The Denver forecast has been rather exciting lately with temps in the 50's everyday with zero snow in the forecast while Vail and the rest of the ski areas right here all say they have a 27 inch base when it is truly about 11 inches. There is no snow in the forecast for the next week either. One problem, it is remaining for some reason, cold as hell up here in Eagle County. I was looking for mid 30's today when I headed out to the "River Bridge" for a two hour ride which was not too much to ask as Denver basked in 50+, of course the temps DROPPED about 45 minutes in and the ensuing hot shower when I got home had me wreathing in pain as the ice crystals in my toes began to thaw. To which I said to myself, It's mid January dumb fuck, get back on the trainer and call it good.........

In the meantime, here is something to warm your heart, I rode this thing at the Interbike Dirt Demo, The Santa Cruz "TallBoy", and boy, if I had a real job and a big garage......


Try 50km of skate skiing at a pace unimaginable...I'd be psyched to make two of these corners back to back at these aint the corner and the speed, it's the level of anarobicness you must accomplish it at....


Yeah, believe it or not, the Specialized Factory Team guys, and Squirt Lubers, are gearing it up for 2010 as they measure up new product and physiology down in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Below is Conrad Stotlz, multiple time Exterra World Champion with the latest in Full Squish 29er technology, the Caveman is ready to crush in 0-10.
Stoltz, Stander, Christoph Sauser, Dan Hugo and Lene Byberg, no big deal...cmon.
Todd Wells and Burry Stander ridin full squish 26er and hard tail 29er.
all photos bobby behan
And of course you know, I'm all about the 29er now, can't go back. And skiing absolutely sucks this year, so let's talk bike crap.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Just an hour and fifteen minutes from the Vail/Eagle Valley sits the Lake Catamount Nordic Ski area just a couple of miles west of Steamboat Springs. Two of my old knuckle head buddies from my Fly Fishing Guide days in Meeker run this place now. If you dig skating or classic skiing on skinnys, this track is heaven. The 30+KM are groomed perfectly and with 2-3 feet of base the snow is stellar. It's super wide and smooth as a baby's ass out there, and the use of the terrain is incredible. A day pass is $18 and worth every cent. Kevin Kapiscke grooms the shit perf, and ski's daily so he knows the deal. I wanted two hours of skating today, however, at 1:45 my legs said no, so I got some ice cream to finish the second hour.This is just a few Km of the 30+ groomed to perfection, and there is a "dog" section.

Monday, January 11, 2010



Footon-Servetto-Fuji introduced their new kits for the Spanish Tour Team to which A2B says whoooaaaaa doggie. I'm not sure, wait a second, is the kit the one in the middle? Or those sausage holders on the outside? Whoa Nellie...looks like something you might wear to the Grammys. It's a tie between these and the 2010 Radio Shack kits for the worst of the upcoming season. I saw Lance modeling the RS kit on Mud and Cowbells and almost shat, yes there are some things that not even can don the pages of A2B. I'll bet when they tried these "things" on they looked in the mirror and thought to themselves..."gee, I've always wanted a cycling kit that looks like a caveman stepped in a turd".

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Damn it, it's cold as dog balls out there. This winter is nothing short of brutal here in Eagle County this year. This is year #27 for me in the high country of Colorado and I'm going to say that as far as snow is concerned, this is probably as crappy as I have seen it here for snowfall, ever, which would not be so bad if it were not COLDER THAN A WITCHES TITTY IN AN IRON BRA IN A SNOW STORM every day up here. It Sucks. Every morning when you start your car it makes that fucking "noise" because the oil in your oil pan is frozen. Of course it can turn around in just a few days up here and the crap snow will be just a memory, but for now it's pretty sucky. I mean, it's even pretty damn cold for Nordic Skiing. With that said, I forced myself to grab my trainer out of my storage shed last night, where it was -10 degrees, and had a session, not that I found that very exciting either, but it was a start to something, what I'm not sure.


photo cyclingnews
It was more of the same in Belgium as Sven Nys was able to overcome hitting the deck a couple of times before shedding the leaders for his 7th National Championship in Belgium. Nys chased back with three to go or so and then applied the pressure as the lead group splintered from a series of mishaps and crashes to allow Nys to crush it again. The guy is spot on going into Worlds. Reports say the crowd heckled the living crap out of World Champion Niels Albert as he struggled to a ninth place finish...nice. Albert actually claims a fan pushed him down during the race

Friday, January 8, 2010


Velo News reported today that the L.A. doctor who was convicted of assaulting a pair of cyclists with his car on July 4th was sentenced to five years in prison for his actions. This is BIG TIME precedent, and all though it is not going to change how some people feel about our right as cyclists to ride on the road and share the road legally with motor vehicles, it does make a statement letting them know that they will be held accountable, with very serious ramifications, for their actions should they decide to use their vehicle in an aggressive manner against defenseless riders on bikes.
The jist of the story, this doc had some anger issues with cyclists riding his hood for years. On the day in question, he passed these two riders while descending a road from his home and yelled words at them to the effect of riding single file. The doctor then pulled around and infront of the cyclists and slammed on his brakes sending one of them through his rear windhsield and causing the other to crash as well. Needless to say the rider who launched through the glass was pretty severely injured almost cutting his shnoz off and busting up his shoulder. When police arrived Dr. Christopher Thomas Thompson told police he was trying to "teach (the two riders) a lesson".
For this, the doc is going to prison for five years....boy is he going to have a dirty chamois.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Nite Rider has hit the mark with the Pro 1200 LED Lithium Ion headlight system. It's actually two beams, a 600 lumen flood and a 600 lumen spot that you can use individually or together for those recon missions late night up on Hardscrabble Mountain. You'll be rippin around at night like a Mercedes SLK230 on the freekin Autoban once you mount this deal up on your helmet or handle bar. It's got three full on commando modes as well as a blinking "safety mode" for those trecks down Highway 6 in the summer evenings. Plus the battery charger has got some pretty sweet disco lights to entertain you while the battery rejuices itself. Recharge time is 4.5 hours, and this is the amazing part, depending on the mode you choose to program into your light through your computer (yeah, you can program this thing), run time is 2.5-64 hours, no shit, 64 hours on it's mellow setting say for hiking or which I say, buy it.


Just an amazing night, for an amazing town, which we now know has a majority of great people, who like Eagle the way it is. Wow.
The difference, 156 votes.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Ballots are being counted as I type this. It was a monsterous turnout. 63% showed to speak their mind, well done, which ever way it goes.

Monday, January 4, 2010


When I arrived home this evening after work and then a session at the Vail Nordic Center with Wuwuwuwuzup and Jdubs, which turned into a true nut freezer, I pulled into my parking spot and walked to the front door like any other day. Upon reaching the front door I saw this mysterious box with orange warning labels all over it. I could not see what it was or who it was from. My first thought, Charlie Sheen had read my blog and found out I elected him the A2B 2009 Douche Bag of the Year and had sent a giant letter bomb to my front step. I was certain there was no one out there who likes me enough to send me a Christmas gift this late. And of course with the big vote tomorrow determining the Town of Eagle's future concerning ERS, and as active as I have been to get this piece of crap cookie cutter mall booted out of my hometown, well, you know, the mind can wander. So I called the Blue Healer that belongs to my next door neighbor to come over and sniff the box, this while I scanned the bushes and surrounding area for any signs of a wire. A metal detector found nothing and the mine sweeper produced a clean grid and the return address was not from Yemen or some other country which hates our guts. When the healer lifted his leg and pissed on the box that was the sign that it was an "all clear" and I "went in" to read the tape and label. And then it came to me, once I saw the package tape with the big NR emblem on it. While at Interbike in September, Nite Rider had just a stupid good deal on their not yet released 1200 Lumen LED Lithium Ion headlights, which can be computer programmed, no shit. Of course I ordered one along with all the other idiots who needed a fifth headlight to ride with, and there were alot of us, trust me. I can't tell you what we paid for them, because then you would send a package bomb to my front door for the dog to piss on....cheers.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Ok Ok so life is pretty damn good so far in 2010. The snow here has finally made the turn, and just in the nick of time. It's still a hair on the thin side, but the skiing at Beaver Creek today was KILLER up on Grouse Mountain, especially with the posse in the morning. Then it was an afternoon session with the Ridler Clan at the terrain park. Two nine year olds and a twelve year old with NO FEAR turning 360's, 540's and 720's. NO BIG DEAL right? Then the session continues at the Ridler House and their home made personal terrain park, until it gets dark, it never ends.
Mike mid 360 at the Ridler Open
Jesse Mid 360 at the Ridler Open
Shane Mansk mid 360 at the Ridler Open, he took the first title stylin.
Mike warming up getting the big jump "feel" for later
And then the day's vij....

Beav Rippin from Larry Grossman on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Let's get this party started...

Meanwhile, there is still some serious throw down happening over in Belgium as the USA gears up for World's. And how about this? Yannick Eckman (2nd), Skyler Trujillo (7th), and Jeff Bahnson (10th) in Baal, Belgium this past weekend. Three USA kids in the top 10...I'm calling that a crush. Jonothan Page stood on the podge as well but the U23 crew was not as fortunate as most exited early on...
Eckman steps on the podge...
all pics from cx magazine

Trujillo did not screw around either finishing 7th

Summerhill was not as fortunate this weekend...but will be back for certain

And Cyclocross Bloopers from Brian Patrick at States 2009

Friday, January 1, 2010


Last spring, while on the now infamous four week long Norcal Squirt Lube tour, Dewet and myself ran into this race one weekend outside of Redding, Cali, the Shasta Lemurian. It was one of the most fun races I've ever done, with brutal climbs and balls out descending over all kinds of crazy loose, rooty, rutted terrain. This is one you should all go do before you leave this earth, it's just a juker of a ride. I even made the cut droppin the bridge after the opening credit over the moss clump. The Felt 29er was rockin it that day

Master_MALE AGE GROUP: 45 - 54

1 33 Larry Grossman 51 Eagle CO 02:08:12
2 73 Scott Stewart 48 Shasta Lake CA 02:30:19
4 85 Joseph Grabski 46 Napa CA 02:33:21
5 116 BRENT STARR 46 CHICO CA 02:41:34
6 122 Curt Prater 45 Santa Cruz CA 02:42:36
7 127 Vic Armijo 49 Arcata CA 02:43:48
8 136 GARTH SCHMECK 45 REDDING CA 02:47:07
10 210 ROLAND CARLSEN 53 SAN JOSE CA 03:08:32
11 234 KEVIN CAMPBELL 49 MEDFORD OR 03:17:35
12 252 DALE SHELTON 45 REDDING CA 03:22:57
13 278 PETE HARRIGAN 49 REDDING CA 03:40:58


Thundering into 2010, the only way I know how....
Chalk up 2009, it's in the books, and I'm going to consider it a "bobble" in the middle of a Cyclocross race for me, because this morning is 2010 and Elgee is coming out charging hard. So here is to a better year, it's already off to a rolling start as with all due respect to Yeti's Grind in Eagle this morning, I'm relaxing in my home with a little bit of a "head" from last eve, and the first thing boiling through my blood system this year is a fresh cup of MOUNTAIN THUNDER coffee from Hawaii which was a Holiday present from a friend. With that said, I've got one New Year's resolution, and it does not include anything about being a faster bike rider, or winning this or that. It goes without saying that 2010 will see me in the bike saddle as much as ever, it's my sanity and my sanctuary, and I'm surely going to "find" more singletrack around Eagle this year for sure.
My 2010 resolution is to do more Bike Race Announcing...simple.

And with that, here is my DEMO for all the promoters out there looking for a passionate race announcer that loves the sport. Thank you Brian Patrick from Onsight Media for putting this demo together for me. You da man.