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Thursday, July 30, 2015


All you needed today....
It took 32 years of living in Colorado, but I finally got to this spot. For many years I've wanted to hike in from the "other" end of Cheeseman Canyon and fish. I've been to the downriver access many times years ago, bit I'd never been down to the South Platte river where it actually begins it's journey from Cheeseman Lake. It is spectacular, and yesterday was a great adventure. The hike in was moderate with a fair amount of climbing, and the trail is great for walking, until you  get to the actual river access. The river is currently flowing at over 500cfs which is high for this time of year. The terrain is very loose and very steep at river's edge, unless you plan on walking down river there are zero opportunities for wade fishing as the water is deep and swift in this section of the river. With that said, there are fish in the pockets you can access with a fly rod, big fish, and they must be fished deep and with a fair amount of weight to get to them. They were eating when I was down there, and the fishing was grand. A spectacular day in a hidden gem of a place in Colorado...there are so many more to explore.