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Thursday, August 27, 2015


Every year, when ski season is winding down, there comes the last day on the hill. I always get very nostalgic on my last day of skiing each season as when I head down the hill for the last time, I always wonder if I will ever ski another run in my life, because now, nearing age 58 in less than a month, you just never know. I've lost many friends at very young ages over the years to weird shit. Their lives suddenly ended by the body simply saying "that's all for you". And then I get close to the start of a new ski season, and all though my body it a bit more sore and bet up everyday now when I get up, I know I'm getting closer to another season of playing on the snow, and it's great when I get there. With that said, I certainly hope this run from Willie's Wide last spring does not prove to be my last up there, as if the snow flies and the winds are kind in 2015/16 at Arapahoe Basin, I'll be slogging my ass up there again to do it many more times....this was the last run up there last season. Let it snow.

Sunday, August 9, 2015


More on this later, gotta run to stage one of the Breck Epic right now.