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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It has become so easy since I quit thinking about racing bikes, which actually has nothing to do with riding bikes. Racing bikes had me riding bikes for a lot of the wrong reasons. Now I have a big ol travel trail bike a Trek Rumblefish, that is a dream to play on. I decided to do a big ride yesterday, hump it up and over hardscrabble road which is a sixteen mile climb, with zero break all the way, and over the backside to McKenzie Gulch which is one of my all time favorite "raw" downhills. It was really hot, the heat had me suffering. I climbed the first 3000 feet and was suffering to stay hydrated. There was a day when I would have fought through it all and said fuck it, and really suffered calling it "training". today I say fuck that. I pulled over, chilled for a while, thought about the remaining 1500 feet of climbing and agonizing miles and turned around back down the hill and ripped Pipeline which is rock hard and screaming fast right now, it was fun. I refuse to "train" and suffer like a dog riding anymore, it's the wrong reason be on a bike. I later doubled up with Ted Gould on the local low stuff in the late evening after the temps had cooled 20-30 degrees and it was fun, a lot of fun. Fuck suffering like a dog on the bike. I'm over that shit.

About two miles above the Sawmill Gulch road I said "enough".

Sweating balls off....time to chill, I'd rather go down 3000 feet then climb another 1500 today....

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