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Monday, July 15, 2013


 The man pictured above is the legendary Steve Herter, he is married to Bonnie, they were amazing hosts during my stay in Los Barrilles, Baja. I worked for him for a number of years at a fishing and hunting lodge that was at that time known as Seven Lakes Lodge. The lodge was built by Henry Kravis and is now owned by ex pro golfer Greg Norman. Steve has retired to a small town in Baja, Mexico called Los Barriilles. It's a charming place and a gateway to the only spot in the world where you can fly fish from the beach for rooster fish. Steve has been bugging me to come and visit for a few years so I finally dropped in for a few days and the place, where he lives and plays daily, is spectacular. It's an amazing land which meets the Sea of Cortez just a stones throw from his house, and there are large number of gringo ex patriots in the hood. The trip started with Steve picking me up at the airport and then stopping at this quaint little cafe for one of his favortie dishes, the Chocolate, which are giant clams which have just been pulled out of the ocean. These clams are then sliced up and served with fresh lime and when you squeeze the lime juice on the dish, the clams actually contract, they are still alive, and they are so damn good..the rest of the pictures just tell part of the story. Hundreds of miles of white sand beaches that are all accessible by ATV while chasing "roosters". It's a magical land. I can't wait to go back for a longer stay....

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