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Monday, October 7, 2013


This image was captured by professional cycling photographer Dejan Smaic. There is no bike race going on here, at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder last night. There was however a very moving memorial being held for professional cyclist and super cool person, Amy Dombroski. In death, we all want to somehow proclaim our closeness to individuals whom have left a mark, and this case a very good mark. I would never claim to be one of Amy's best friends, but I did consider here a good friend. Like many, anytime I was in her presence, she always acknowledged me and had a nice word to say. She was always smiling and came across as a pretty simple and really down to earth person. I was very lucky to have called many races that she participated in. The past few months I had announced road, mountain and cyclocross races all which had Amy Dombroski in the line up. The last race she participated in that I announced she won. Her post race words were always simple and to the point. I rushed up to Boulder after working in Golden all day to be present at her memorial. Her friends and family spoke, I stood off the back of the crowd and listened to the stories, and the love, and understood where her great character came from pretty quickly. Like most I shed tears. I also smiled quite a bit. Even in death her family was able to be light at times with a sense of humor, which helped the crowd get through it, because it was only a matter of minutes before the tears would pour again. And they did, and they should, and that is OK, she will never be forgotten.

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