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Friday, December 19, 2008


John Peterson photography Amatuer Cyclist Embarrass Springfield
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Dec 18, 2008 at 8:41 PM CST
Local News
Location: Kansas City
Tags:cycling cyclo-cross fight
An amateur cyclist, who is a members of the St. John's Racing team, is an embarrassment to not only the sport of cycling, but also to Springfield, MO. Cale McAninch, who is also a teacher for the Springfield Public Schools, made national headlines with his outrageous behavior at a cyclo-cross racing event. Reports state the incident began when McAninch decided to harass the third place finisher in the race during an interview and make derogatory remarks, such as "go back to Europe." When he was asked to please be respectful while the interview was taking place, McAninch got physical and damaged several thousand dollars work of custom made bike frames. This guy is an embarrassment to his team and to the entire cycling community who try to promote sportsmanship.

mia sullivan photoCale McAninch, maybe your kids teacher, dissing Jonathan Page?

There were two of these "people" running around with their shirts off during the elite race on Sunday. Basically being "fans" and annoying people who they did not know. So one of them, McAninch, gets in Jonothan Page's grill while Dave Towle is interviewing him and gets involved in a fight and gets piled into a stack of Richard Sachs team bikes. Once again, the beer boxing gloves come out and another moron learns his lesson. On top of the basic story, THE GUY IS A SCHOOL TEACHER. Nice work! Apparently there is video coming at


  1. LG,
    You should call Cale and tell him what you think. Here is his #....

  2. Bobby,
    Thanks for the link. I was there on Sunday and thought the guys were going pretty overboard. I've got my own personal opinion of the guy just from what I saw on Sunday and it's not good. On the other hand, I try to report "somewhat" responsibly on my end as I've gotten a pretty good following on this blog in a short amount of time. I'm acually glad the guy is some shit, as he deserves to be. And the fact that he called you out previously tells me something about the guy, maybe a bit of a narcisist eh? I will however leave your link for my followers to check out...thanks. Cale will get his for sure. Teaching+fighting usually leads to a job loss....

  3. You guys are fucking losers. If you saw cale walking down the street you would not so a word to him. The internet gives chicken shits like you a virtual backbone!

    Larry Schwartz

  4. Larry,
    you are a sad excuse for being a human for defending a classless, socially weak ineffective human being: Cale was so out of line and then he has the audacity to post on his blog some BS on Page and Sachs.

    He should have owned up to his pathetic behavior. Maybe he never learned about manners in school, which leads me to question why he would be employed by one.

    Maybe he would not be such a lightning rod if he had just apologized from the beginning.

  5. This is to Larry Schwartz;
    First of all, EVERYONE who follows this blog knows who I am, I NEVER hide behind my words, and to be honest with you, I was giving Cale the benefit of the doubt. His antics were actually pretty funny for the first thirty minutes, then for the next two hours became pretty obnox. If I saw Cale on the street you are correct, I would not say a word to him, why would I do that? Why would I want to associate with a person who shows up to a National Championship race venue and then throws a bunch of smack at a guy who finished third on the podium? A rider who has dedicated an entire year of his life to chase the dream of racing in Europe, and racing CX there. I envy the hell out of the guy, I do not know him, I do not know Cale either, but when I attend events, I think you can ask anyone who knows me and many who do not if I diss anyone or ever have while they raced or accepted an award for their effort? I cheer for EVERY racer in EVERY race,they are all winners to me and deserve the acknowlegdment for just showing up and racing. My name is Larry Grossman Larry Schwartz, you can post your thoughts here on my blog anytime you wish and they will not be sensored, but you better have abetter argument than I'm a "chicken shit" that the internet gives a "virtual backbone" too. I was there, I saw the guy, I was not hiding anywhere. I'm assuming you agree with the thoughts and actions of Cale since you seem to be defending him so religously, which means I have no time for you after this post. There is no room for Cale's type of behavior at a CX race period. Thanks for visiting the blog.

  6. I agree with Elgee.