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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Ok, so the 2011 Cycling season is off with a bang, and it's exciting to see it rolling, in particular from an announcing standpoint. My life is full of excitement these days, both positive and not so positive excitement, and it is simply outstanding. I love big change, it's refreshing and gives you new perspective, and resiliency, and it's fun, and you realize that moving on is an education, and that there are so many cool places and people in this world that it is a shame to sit in the same place for too long and waste opportunity.
With that said, there is so much of the same old, same old that always perpetuates itself in boredom and rediculum. I'm already hearing the excuses pouring in as to why people I know had a "bad day on the bike". For once I would like someone to simply say that "today I sucked, and I'm really not as good as I think I am, nor will I ever be, because the Lord of Cycling did not give me the proper genetics to do so". Instead, it is a rambling nonsensical bunch of shit that I personally like to shut off and walk away from. For me, if I race, and I finish 37th, it's because there were 36 ( maybe even more) riders out there that were better than me that day. On days when I do better, it was just a good day and fun to do better. It means nothing in the big picture of life, and as long as it is non life threatening, and did not have an effect on my ability to try and make money, it's all good.
It's the same every year, there is no magic, everyone out there who likes to compete on the bike is training fairly hard if not very hard, new kits, bikes and gear ratios are not going to move anyone up in the standings, larger lungs and VO2 max are, and if you are not blessed with a large enough one to beat up on Fabian Cancellera or Frank Shorter, then just go out there and have fun, and stop with the excuses, it's killing us.
With that also said, I realized something upon my return to the town of Eagle from the front range last night late in the evening, and it struck me. There is nothing to do in Eagle but get a cup of coffee or go ride your bike out of town for a few hours. I guess I could go to the Brush Creek Saloon and get elbowed in the face by a random drunken fishing guide, but I did that once and it was really not that fun, but at least he got arrested and charged with being a douche bag. I mean really? I guess I could go fishing, I like to do that, I like that, I could. I could go to Costco and buy a $1.50 steamed Hot Dog, but that would actually be in Gypsum, so it does not count. So I guess it's time for this same old, same old to go away. It's been a cool ride, I need a new one, and I've got a great one to move to and start building....and I like Abos Pizza.

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