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Sunday, April 24, 2011


First of all let's get this straight, you, (anonymous), have always been welcome to post your comments on this blog in response to whatever I choose to ramble about in a whimsical whim of rant or rave. I welcome the body punches thrown back my way, and to the contrary, any post which induces a response of thrashing desires towards me is a good post, not a bad post, because it has clearly touched a sore spot which needs to be addressed by the locale. So, back to the point. I am planning a return to Eagle one day to run for Mayor (not really), on the platform of "More Fun and Less Taxes". You may think this funny, and that I'm an idiot, which is fine with me, because I am at times. But if the town were to take this simple platform for itself seriously, it could make it. That town's main attraction is fun, not shopping. Get the people there to have fun and the rest will take care of it for itself. I tried, not many cared. The above picture is taken from BLM Land in Pueblo Lake State Park, this trail rolls like this for 40 miles (you can see it climbing the rolling hills in the back ground), it brings people to Pueblo, a place I would not even think about going unless this was there. The race this weekend brought hundreds (if not a thousand) of people to town for the weekend. They all camped, ate meals in town (all though our choice turned out to be a ill fated), and had one hell of a time riding their mountain bikes there, it was FUN. The likes of Jay Henry, Paul Gorbold, Ryan Cantrell, Pam Davis and many other Eagle County residents as well as Gretchen Reeves, Sari Anderson and even Chris Carmichael came to PUEBLO to race, and I was there working, making money. There was a smaller event there the weekend before, they are getting it, and so is the BLM in that region. This race was held on STATE PARK grounds for crying out loud. That would be like doing a mountain bike race up at Sylvan Lake State Park around the lake, headin up Sneave Gulch, going up McKenzie Gulch and then coming back to Sylvan Lake for the finish, IT'S A STATE PARK, just like Lake Pueblo.

With that said, I AM thankful to those who supported and helped what I was trying to do there. People like John Shipp and John Mac who made the short track series happen last year. The sponsors and the the people who stuck around to help with tearing down courses, I am thankful for that, you are a bunch of good blokes. And I'm glad that the Vail Rec District has decided to keep the series going and I'm more than glad to help. But why did'nt the town of Eagle step up to help promote the series? They knew about it, and sat silent. You would think they would jump on board to help make this happen, but instead it falls on silent ears. The races in Eagle are actually held on Eagle County grounds, so hail to them for the use of the facility and the grounds. 
What does this have to do with empty store fronts and tax base problems in Eagle Ranch and Eagle? GET THE PEOPLE THERE TO SPEND MONEY, you have an endless resource of FUN there, use it and promote it, GET PEOPLE TO COME THERE instead of driving by on the way to Fruita and Moab to do what is already in place. THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. 
In the meantime, I will continue to dwell in Western Kansas, it's actually quite pleasant here, and it's warmer, and I like that. Gas has not quite hit $3.50/gallon just yet, I like that too. 
Let's see , what's next, oh yea, I made a little bit of money for two years as a realtor, but not a lot, just some, enough to get me through a couple of years. I had to take this position after my 20 year outfitting career was cut short by Cordillera, where I was managing two rec programs, and was sourced out to one of the larger Outfitters in the valley because of their own economic woes with the club. So I performed my duties as a Realtor for a couple of years, no big deal.
So bag on ME all you want for bagging on Eagle, it needs help, the help is in your backyard, promote it, and it will work. Until then, if you do not have a better solution, then continue to stare at the emptiness and watch it grow, or do something about it, have an imagination, make it work, and have the balls to post your name when you respond, ok?
 I'll be back in Eagle often, to ride, work when applicable and I'll probably bring groups of friends of mine from down here in Western Kansas, Longmont, Colorado to introduce them to the mountain biking in the area, and we will spend money, somewhere up there, just not sure where, but somewhere.

Bottom line is this blog has done WAY more good than bad for the town of Eagle, Colorado. I never saw much of your support during the good, but crack the negative door open and it's good to see you all over me. Cheers.


  1. dude you either need to get laid or have a massive shit. really.

    good luck on both counts.

    kgb (you figure it out but you stood me up not long ago).

  2. I just dropped a massive shit, ahhhhhhh, so much better.

  3. You don't get it Elgee,
    We in Eagle want to be alone. We like to get some Tax money from ERS which hopefully will be approved soon.
    We don't like people coming in our town and spent money.

    I was thinking we should make a dropbox on both sides of I -70 where people can leave their money for us.

    We don't like mountain bikers behind our backyards and we don't want that cars on the small trailheads spoil our view.

    All the best at the Frontrange

  4. Not very well written, but thanks for the fine response. I think I understood one of those remarks you made......the rest of it makes no sense at all. And it's good to know you "don't like mountain bikers behind your backyards". That's a pretty intelligent statement for and Eagle resident to throw out there.