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Monday, April 11, 2011


A couple of years ago I had an "issue" with Crankbrothers pedals which was documented right here on A2B. Crankborthers took care of me pretty well and made offerings they did not necessarily have to. 
With that said, I had two pairs of Egg Beater pedals that were ancient and had a zillion miles on them. They were so jacked up from rock and root blows over the years that they barely held a NEW pair of cleats very well. Hence, I decided to send them back for the Crankbrothers Spa treatment which is explained on their website. I had a pair of old Double Ti's and some standard Eggbeaters I sent back. Without getting into details of the transaction, Crank offered me TWO NEW pairs of Egg Beater 3's for next to nothing, and when the box showed itself uponce me, there were new cleats, non-slip bar grips and a sweet skull lid as well. So get ya some.

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