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Monday, February 20, 2012


I'm posting this post with the intent it may help you make the correct decision and get you more bikes and less stress. As some of you may know, and many of you do not know, as it was publicized in my local paper as law requires, my former home known as my condo was foreclosed on many months ago, and then went to public auction, where no one bought it. However, Fannie Mae did purchase the loan. Many of you also know that I am still living there. I will stay there until the Sheriff of Eagle, Joey Hoy, who is a cyclist and an acquaintance, decides to post an eviction notice on my door which will require me to leave and rent a place to live, which actually is not that big of a deal, really. Having a discussion of these events the other day with a friend of mine, and throwing in a bit of credit card debt that I have into the conversation, I was flabbergasted that my friend could not believe I had some credit card debt and that I am paying just over the minimum payment each month, he was concerned about the amount of interest I was paying monthly, to which I replied, "you are shitting me right"? I mean, this person has roughly a $500,000 dollar house loan over 30 years, which he is going to pay the likes of $300,000 in interest on over the years, then sell it for MAYBE $550,000 someday ($350,000) is more realistic, not to mention all of the home improvement costs over the years, and think he is making a profit. GUESS WHAT, you are all losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the mortgage banks out there if you are in a similar scenario, and there is no argument for that, you are losing, stop paying your mortgage and move out when the Sheriff makes you 2-3 months later, then go rent something for crying out loud. You are all making the banks wealthy. Stop the FUCKING madness, unless of course you can pay cash for your home. Credit card debt, really? LOOK AT YOUR MORTGAGE INTEREST YOU IDIOT, YOU ARE LOSING.
Long term investment my ass, the bank is laughing all the way to the bank, with your interest money, and your principle. Just sayin.


  1. Stick to bicycles LG. mortgage debt +/- 5%. Credit card debt +/- 18%. No comparison at all. Your friend was right. You gotta nix the card debt. We look forward to nice riding and skiing posts in the near future.

    1. Dear anonymous, it's the size of the debt, not the interest rate that is being discussed here. A mortgage is a ball and chain, and the banks are getting filthy rich at the expense of the common man. Its a joke

  2. They took my house, but I bought a RIDLEY!

  3. Holy shit! Are you saying that you have not paid your rent or a mortgage in 2 - 3 years?

  4. ah, good catch anonymous, that should have read "months" not "years"....

  5. I have to agree as a long time reader, stick to bikes and leave more complicated things alone.

    I am not defending the banks, but what you are doing is pretty offensive to me, as a guy who took out a loan I could afford, on a house I can afford, and who pays it every month. You act like you have zero responsibility in all of this, some big bad bank made you to it and now it is there fault. Banks deserve lots of blame, but your actions and attitude are part of what is wrong with america right now.

    Also do you have a f'ing clue about the banks? Many have gotten destroyed making these loans, banks in CO have been shut down but the FDIC, mortgage offices closed, 95% drop in stock prices. Maybe it makes you feel good to say that some nameless bank is getting wealthily off of you, but that is not the case. Also what ever money the bank made on your loan, it lost a heck of a lot more that once you decided to not honor your end of the deal.

    I am sure you voted for Obama too. Better get those 1% guys, it is their fault you made bad decisions, you defaulted on your loan, and now they should pay for you. Not overly impressed here man. Stick to getting drunk and night crashing at 24 Hours Of Moab. I just lost a bunch of respect for you.

    You know what the best part? There is an ad on your home page under this for Chase. Guess you like the clink throughout dollars from those same big bad bands. What s joke.