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Sunday, November 11, 2012


Yesterday was CycloX at Siena Lake in Broomfield, the day started off reasaonably enough, with cool temps and grey skies. The forecast said the shit would not hit the fan until 6pm, well, they missed by about ten hours. The rain, frozen rain, sleet, groppel, and then heavy snow started roughly 9am and continued all day. It made for some great CX racing conditions, but it was a damn long day on the mic freezing my set of dawg balls off. Winter is here, time for some serious CX. With that said, skiing got blown off this morning due to super sub freezing temps in the high country. The high today up there is 9, and I'm in Denver, where I would have loved to race Urban Cross, seems like a cool idea, but the entry was $45 for a 35 minute race to which I reply...are you out of your minds? French toast, a fire place and football seems like a much better option today. $45 bucks!! Really? No way.

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