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Sunday, January 20, 2013


Last night was the end of the season Cyclocross awards party which was held in Lakewood at Prestige Imports, one of the season's sponsors. It was a fun night, with all the usual suspects and awards given. I need to thank so many people for helping climb this announcing ladder I'm on right now for all the support and also for letting me be a part of their events and races. 
It was a room full of pizza, beer, prizes, awards and many of the most gifted and hard working athletes in the good ol USA. Of course the Juniors represented big time...they have been beating up on the adults all season.
Greg Keller was in the house and celebrated the overall team victory in the 35+ men's open category for Boulder Cycle Sport
  The 8-9 year olds were all recognized with some shwag...Shamus Keller leading the onslaught on the podium.
But beyond the jib jabbing and fine chat there were a couple of moments I found refreshing last evening. Of all of them, and without boring you with the details, the one I was most fond of was upon leaving the gathering. I had said my goodbyes to everyone when I ran into Greg and Aiden Keller on the way out the door. I briefly congratulated Aiden on his fine 13th place finish at Nationals in the 10-12 year old category. As I turned to leave with my girlfriend, I heard young Aiden's voice say "see ya LG". Three simple words. It was not so much the words, but the tone with which they were said. The tone was genuine and made me feel like I was part of something pretty special here in Colorado, part of a big ol family full of good people and kids. The season is now officially over here for 2012, but damn, I can't wait for 2013 to get rolling....see you out there.

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