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Monday, May 30, 2011


Today was Memorial Day, and after an incredible weekend announcing the Superior Morgul Classic road race, it was time to hit the dirt with Jen. Now I might be shit out of luck trying to find new dirt to ride in these parts, but Jen is pretty connected, and with a couple of text messages we were hooked with a group ride just up the hill in Nederland. So we chucked the piles in the Subie and headed up to meet a new crew for me, and we rode new dirt, and it was killer fun, and some of these riders have mega talent, and ride crap and lines I don't even see, and I'm talking trials type shit included, on their freekin CX bikes, it's impressive. They also eat shit extremely hard when it does not work out, but bounce up quickly and keep ticking, like a gall dang Timex. They are younger, they can do this.

Below, break time.
Sweet Lodgepole Canyon

Then a quick meal in Nederland on the way home, and it's a great day, next time I'm finding the shit that takes you the 18 miles back down into Boulder...stay tuned.

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