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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Just 30 miles from the new hood lies Estes Park, and the ride through Lyons and up Hwy 36 is a keeper, especially on a sweet day. While the mountains continue to suffer through a miserably long winter, it's game on in the land of tourism and
Elk on golf courses....just get the bulls eye of your back for the trip and you will be golden, and enjoy the SUV parade of ragers. Rage on!

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  1. Yo, Cowboy, I lived here for summers in the 80s when Doug Bruinsma(Colorado Cyclist) had his shop here. Loved riding over the continental divide to and back or down to Boulder various routes and then back up Highway 7 or 36. Superb scenery and nice road riding! Cool pics dude.Kiwi Ray.