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Thursday, May 12, 2011


If you follow the A2B blog at all, you clearly know, or do not know, that I have had a chain lube preference for the past few years on the MTB. The road has been another story, and a couple of years ago I picked up a bottle of Chain-L chain lube from Frances himself at Interbike which I never used. Now I live in Boulder County, where there is not only fantastic dirt to ride, but ridiculous numbers of miles on the road which consists of pave, dirt, dust and sand depending on your route choice for the day, and you can ride hundreds of miles on any given day. It's demanding road riding. This of course requires the proper lubrication of your drive train. Prior to applying Chain-L, which is actually mineral oil, I to the best of my conditional ability, cleaned my drive train of the old stuff, this took a while, and was a bit of a task, but we got er done (Chain soon to be replaced with a Wipperman/Connex Gold).

Once the cleaning process was completed, at least as well as I could get er done without my full onslaught of cleaning tools which are still up the hill, I applied Chain-L as recommended, one drop to each roller.
As I said, one drop to each roller...notice how filthy my "clean" chain is. That is another story......
The first thing I noticed was worthy of reporting once I had the chain lubed with Chain-L. When I spun my drive train by hand, it spun free and clear of any resistance, and I'm talking ZERO resistance for several rotations. With the "previous lube", my drive cranks might turn twice before slowing to a stop. This had me wondering just how much that previous "grabby" resistance had taken out of my legs on the long road rides I prefer. I guess time will tell and stay posted for the update. I'll bring you an update was I get my Wipperman Connex Chains rolling on all of my rigs. I've got three road rides in on one application of Chain-L, and I'm running smooth and clean

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