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Sunday, May 1, 2011


The umpteenth edition of the Koppenberg Classic was held today and the race did not dissappoint. Eckman, Robin, went off on the final lap of 8 and took and very impressive win in the men's open field. The race provided it's usually carnage even with the "Koppenberg" hill graded and groomed to perfection. The new ACA rule requiring riders to purchase a timing chip to get an official result came into play when I refused to buy one and still race prompting the registration people to look at me like I was a three legged dinosaur dragging it's balls on the ground when I told them I did not care where I finished....I just wanted to have fun, imagine that.

 Brian Hutchison becomes a victim of the A2B peanut gallery after flatting

 As for my rare day lining it up in a road race, it went absolutely perfect, before bad luck felled itself on me once again on the road. Still with the lead group, with "the bridge" approaching on the dirt section, and having fought hard to gain a cozy position in the top 10-12 riders, a Colorado Bike Law rider hit the deck hard right in front of me, for no apparent reason, and I was forced to lock it up and partially run him over, then getting t-boned from behind by a rider behind me, our bike frames became tangled and that was it. Two hard crashes during our race in our group had me once again questioning is it really worth even lining it up out there for such an event, especially with my current lack of insurance, probably not, but I still love to call the action, especially knowing what it takes to simply line it up out there....all the same, a great and fun day of racing, and a 20th place despite missing out on the chance to sprint..

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