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Sunday, December 30, 2012


I work with a few of Snowbird's legendary skiers at Christy Sports in Beaver Creek. The shop manager is Jeff Evans who won the world mogul skiing championships something like six times in his prime, he still rips, for many years he served as Snowbirds ski ambassador, whatever the hell that is. He was the first to be video's jumping out of the Snowbird Tram on skies, which is slightly big air. He basically skied around the resort with visiting dignitaries for a job. His son Lucas now skis on the World Cup freestyle circuit and is about to bust into the top 30 world rankings. See his exploits for DRIFT cameras below..

This however is the legendary Pete the Meat (legend has it he was one of the first conquerors Suzie Chapstick) of rolling the Birds of Prey downhill course at nearly 60 years old, and hitting 70 mph on the lower sections of the course below Pete's Arena. Get the fuck out of the way, Here we come.

Lucas Evans TV commercial for DRIFT Helmet Cams.

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