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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


There are many things and moments in life that are not something that words, or even video, can describe. In this new world of incredibly instant gratification and the "me" outlook on life, which is on display daily in every resort community in the world, and which I am at the forefront more than most of the one uppers who know everything and have done everything better and bigger in the world (I can admit the obvious), we can still try and capture these moments somehow. Below is video of one of life's divine moments. On my journey to the front range to spend the week with my girlfriend Anna yesterday, I stopped at the world's greatest ski area, The Legend, to ski a reported 10 inches of new snow. I got there early, made the selection of the first row at the Pali Chair, and had dibs on whatever I wanted for my first run of the day. I decided to go old school classic style and just head straight to the Fourth Alley and The Waterfall for my first run on Pali of the year. It did not disappoint, and all the same rocks were in the same places where they sat from 1983-1996 when I skied there everyday of the winter, and the run was spiritual as it always is at The Legend, and I ran into old friends as always, and all though we have all grayed and put a pound or two on over the years, the mountain remains the same and it will for generations to come, and thank God for that, for it is like no other.
The Legend 4-16-2013 from Larry Grossman on Vimeo.

Since I left Summit County in 1996, my skiing soul has remained at Arapahoe Basin. My skiing heart aches to be there and ski it, everyday, because everything else pales by comparison......

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