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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


This past weekend, right before the spring snowstorm from hell showed it's face in the high country of Colorado, the second annual Rumble at 18 Road in Fruita took place with a Cross Country race Saturday and short track racing on Sunday. The weather was very unseasonable cold and WINDY. It was a great way to start off the mountain biking announcing season as LTR Sports had asked me to be there to call the action. Where else would you want to kick off the season racing than right in Fruita? The hollowed grounds of fat tires...

The wind raged most of the weekend and the crowds were obnoxiously large and loud in the parking lot at Loma with about 50 cars in the lot late Sunday. I made the wise decision to boogie home early instead of waiting to Monday when the weather went all to hell and shut down much of the Interstate.

I missed closing day at Beaver Creek on Sunday, with 15 inches of new snow, but the previous week was incredible at the Beav, and I got all I wanted. I hope you did too.

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