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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This blog was built many years ago on stupid stories and images of where and when you should take advantage of your surroundings. My life has grown much more complicated during those years, but I remain passionate about riding my bikes often and in great places. Winter is trying to loosen it's grip here in Eagle, and some of the trails are getting close. People are riding, some of the riding is taking place a little earlier than it should, but whatever, you can't stop the d-bags. Anyway, now that the ski season is fading, it's time to get back to the roots of A2B and riding bikes, taking photos, riding with friends, and announcing bike races. I'll see you in Fruita this weekend where I'll be working the Rumble at 18 Road and riding on Monday. In the meantime I've been sneaking out on some of the low local stuff and turning some's just about here, and I can't wait, either can some of the douche bags. And besides, I've got a new bike on the way, and it is bouncy in the front and back of the bike...real living.

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