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Thursday, April 25, 2013


Everyone and their brother continues to bitch about the cold and snowy weather around here, to which I reply, keep on bitchin ya all, I'm gonna go ski the living shit out of the best snow conditions we have seen all year in Colorado. The Legend is going off right now.

The drive up to Arapahoe from Denver was a chllenge to say the least, but so worth it. Snow EVERY WHERE! 

One of the super cool things about Arapahoe is the work ethic up there. Alan Hencroth, who runs the show now, shovels 13 inches of snow with the rest of the staff to get the mountain ready for it's best day of the year.....
A staple at the Arapahoe basin A-frame for a million years, the skiers breakfast. Hold the salt a bit next time guys would ya?

And of course it's all good in Eagle this time of year. Riding season has begun...

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