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Thursday, August 22, 2013


Today was a good day. It started earl staking out my spot to observe stage 4 of the USPCC. I then jumped on the road bike and rode from the State Bridge side of Wolcott Pass up to Beaver Creek and back to settle in and watch the racing. Upon my arrival I found some folks from Texas had set up right next to my car and set up one of those Cabelas portable toilet stalls right where I had to open the front door to my car to get in if I wanted. I looked at them and said out loud, "Really", and that was followed by a "move this fucking stinky thing over by your truck."

The racing action was great. and as expected there was a break off the front with Garmin chasing to get Tommy D. in a position to win the stage. Here is that video.

Once the race had passed there was a long line of traffic heading down to Wolcott as expected, and five road cyclists started weaving in and out of cars at a high rate of speed crossing the double yellow line all over the place. When I told one of them to chill and that he was the reason people cant stand bike riders, he flipped me off, said "fuck you" and motioned for me to pull over several times. He was tall and very skinny. I obliged him and asked if he was wanting to fight at which time he told me he did not hear what I was saying from the car. I laughed. I should have just punched the dick, but I'm actually much more civil than that. Then I drove home and watched in a warm dry place the finish of the stage, which was very exciting. Tejay is going to win the 2013 USPCC....

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