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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


It kind of sucks that I've gotten so busy that I do not take many pictures these days. With that said, I've had a whirlwind announcing season and see so much of Colorado, by choice, that once in a while I force myself to stop and take a photo. After a great inaugural weekend of action at the Grand Junction Off Road with promoter Todd Sadow and then in Steamboat Springs at the Moots Party and the Steamboat Stage Race Criterium, I drove home to grouse hunt over Dunckley and Ripple Creek Passes followed by a jaunt over my old stomping grounds on the Buford-New Castle Road, where I promptly had a big ol Mule Deer try and jump over my fucking car killing itself by smashing its head against the front of my Yakima Rocket Box. After making sure the deer was dead, I spent a few minutes inspecting the box and it's mounts which had been moved, some significantly, and decided to finish my grouse hunt and fix the shit at home in the morning. That part of Colorado is simply amazing and I was fortunate to have worked around and in it in the late 90's. The scenery is breath taking and it's a perfect setting to play  Wack-a Deer while grouse hunting. You should try it soon.

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