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Thursday, June 19, 2014


Time Atac 6 saves the day at A2B....
I've been riding Crankbrother pedals for nearly 8-9 years. They tried to kill me once and failed me again about a month ago. The problem with their pedal design is that the nut that actually connects the platform and bearings (bearings which explode regularly even when serviced EVERY season) can and will work itself loose which leaves nothing to hold the platform of the pedal attached to the spindle. I would show you a picture of this failure but I threw all my Crankborthers pedals in the garbage last week and watched the garbage man haul them off to their proper burial place. The first time this happened to me was roughly 5-6 seasons ago while descending on ym mountain bike and I got hurt pretty bad, bruised ribs and kidney and some other shit. It fucked up the rest of my entire race season. It happened again last week while cruising around Green Mountain open space in Lakewood on thankfully smooth and fast singletrack. when the pedal came off the spindle, it shot off the trail into some tall grass and it took me about ten minutes to go back and find it so I could have the satisfaction of throwing it in the dumpster. 

After some fairly thorough research I ended up with what will be two sets of new MTB pedals. Coming highly recommended were the Time Atac 6 which are pictured here and which are currently on my mountain bike. I wish I would have known 10 years ago that this pedal, with two points of engagement, is actually easier to get into and out of than Eggbeaters with four points of engagement (which are usually all jacked up from slamming them into rocks). The Time 
Atac 6 platform works incredibly well with a "ramp" that your cleat slides up to the engagement point, it's impossible to miss. You also have release angle options depending on cleat placement. Time also does not need those lame spacers that the Crankborther pedals needed for clearance to get in and out of the pedals, which I always saw as a defect. 

I also will have another set of pedals coming shortly for my MTB or CX rig with thanks to Kalan Beisel of the Giant/Tuff Shed MTB squad.
Xpedo Tis are on the way, and I am super stoked for the hook-up and the opportunity to ride another "new" pedal. More on the Xpedo soon. If it's working for rider like Kalan and Mitch Hoke, I'm guessing it's good enough for an old beat up rider like myself...A2B is back on the review war path...enjoy the ride.

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