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Saturday, August 2, 2014


In my personal estimation, which is worth the pile of old used and broken cell phones you have in your night stand drawer, I think Facebook and smart phones have totally fucked up and ruined the world. Facebook has completely and utterly ripped the soul out of mountain biking. I believe a lot of people ride their mountain bikes now just so they can tell a bunch of people who really don't care what ride they did today, yesterday, and will be doing tomorrow. What happened to heading out with a group of your homies, riding your asses off, drinking a few beers over shitty nachos somewhere, and doing it all again the next day without a word spoken? Nobody cares where you ride or how many feet you climbed, these are numbers for the soul, keep them there. Oh, and put the gaul damn smart phone away a actually LOOK what direction you are walking in once in a while. Fuck.

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