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Monday, November 10, 2014


 Image from Dave McElwaine
Danny Summerhill pulled off the unthinkable this past weekend at the Derby City weekend in Louisville. He doubled up, including a big timer win over Jeremy Powers who has been unbeatable for a very long time, especially when at the front of a race late....and Summerhill pulled it off just prior to his start to ramp up for next season's road shenanigans for United Health Care. 
With this said, I'm still a bit concerned when I see the online images of the UCI level CX races all over the country. The crowds seem to be shrinkng...there are never more than a couple of hundred fans (probably earlier racers, sponsors, family members) who are at these events. What happened to the monster crowds of 7-8 years ago? Have we bored our audience to death with fairly predictable top three at e every race? It is REALLY good to see Summerhill mixing the top spot of the podium up, even for just a weekend....too bad he won't be at Nats from the sounds of would be nice however. 
Meanwhile, back in Colorado, the State championships are just weeks away, and I'd have to say it's a toss up as to who would be a favorite to win that title this year. It'd be nice to see some of Colorado's talent show up to get after it in December in Parker. Can we expect to see the likes of Krughoof defend, Eckmann, Jake Wells, Summerhill, and the rest of the crew show? I sure hope so......
On yet another note, I find it a little disappointing that Cyclocross Magazine has virtually zero coverage of Colorado Cyclocross racing, not sure I get that one, especially with the level of comp we see here. I mean really, how about diversifying just a skosh and giving Colorado some love guys and gals?

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