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Wednesday, July 20, 2016


What can be done? I have found it fairly uninteresting this year to watch the Tour. To be honest with you, a three week bicycle race is almost always decided over the course of about 10k of racing and this year has been no different. Nearly 200 riders start this race each year and typically there are two, perhaps three of those riders that have a chance to win the race. Day one saw one of those knocked out due to a crash. Non cycling fans have absolutely no reason to sit in front of the TV every morning watching for hours on end. Despite my interest, my wife can't believe we sit and watch this stuff every single day and thinks everyday looks the same to her as a non cycling fan, and to be honest I get it. Not much happens to capture their attention. There is some great scenery, and occasionally we get to see Chris Froome running, but this year, that's been about it. The pretenders were exposed early this year, which happens often in this race. I'm not sure what the solution is, but it would matter more if there was not one guy dominating and then simply sitting in a pace line the rest of the tour. I spend hours on end waiting for counter attacks that never come because they can't. The sprint stages get interesting with about 10k to go, and the finish is typically mayhem, but then by the end of the tour most of the sprinters decide to just quit and go home....#snoozer

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