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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


 Corn snow at it's finest. Four days of skiing at the Canyons and Park City in Utah with my amazingly awesome wife Anna. Super cool accommodations and a BIG ski area to explore for the first time. The Canyons and Park City together are daunting in size. The place is pretty funky in many areas and challenging in others. A lot of traversing similar to Vail with super long flat run outs after 30-40 good turns of skiing. The best terrain at Canyons/Park City is accessible on foot, after substantial hiking up some fairly steep terrain. With the spring conditions it was not worth the walk to these spots. Even with ideal snow the hikes would be very long and arduous for very few turns and then another long traverse out. There is some steep lift access tree and bowl skiing which was awesome with the light cream cheese conditions. Can't say I've ever skied better corn for four straight days. I'll be back.

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