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Monday, April 19, 2010


After a typical Amy Hermes encounter at Yeti's Grind in Eagle today, I was directed to the following hardware attached to wheels. I introduce to you the conference bike. I believe the center device is perfectly designed to hold a keg, of Ten Fidy. Can you imagine the Cluster Fuck this thing would provide. I want to be one of the morons in the front facing backwards. This brings an entire new meaning to seven monkees fucking a football. I think this should be a race class at the 24 Hours of Moab this year....I'm not so sure if it has brakes or if it actually stops itself after running over the people on the front after they fall off from laughing their asses off...
Is that "Meatloaf" sitting in the front seat with the blue shirt on?

This is how you sell em, get six people on there for a test ride with some rastafarian dude who just burned a big ol spleeeeefe. You'd make more money selling fresh underwear to the people who just got of this fucker after two laps with this guy driving.


  1. okay elgee...we'll take turns driving.
    but like I mentioned before...i take no responsibility if i crash into any of the following: rocks, guard gate houses, or elk. and if there happen to be any trolls out there...yes, call frank azar.

  2. we should be golden, 4 crashes between the two of us in a month. Things are looking up.

  3. i make up 75% of those crashes mind you, and i forgot to mention the 4 point speeding ticket i got in between crashes 2 and 3, while in my rental car (because crashed car was being repaired).
    writing this is just sad indeed...the conference bike is looking better all the time!