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Sunday, April 11, 2010


The fields were GIGANTIC
I am extremely dissappointed to have zero pics or vij from the Boulder Roubaix today, but while Cancellera was producing an epic result at Paris-Roubaix, many of the western slopers headed to Boulder for our local version of the race. As most know, (especially the other 150 or so riders in the peleton with me today) I'm no road bike racer, but today was damn epic and frightening all at the same time. Miles of bumpy dirt roads with MANY corners, plenty of crashes, shit tons of flat tires, and a guy next to me getting the speed wobbles at around 35mph and almost taking me with him. I guess this is what it is all about, and it was farking NERVE RACKING. A HUGE group of 35 and 45+ cat 4's rolled out together on the dirt roads north of Boulder and went at it for 40 miles. For myself, surviving was a victory in itself, and staying with the lead group until three miles to go was a war, but damn exciting. If you have never raced the Boulder Roubaix, don't ever miss it again, it's one GREAT experience on two wheels, if you can keep them inflated and upright...I'll try and dig some pix or vij from somwhere. I had to split and head back up the hill to work as soon as I crossed the line. Thanks to the Diesels for the support!
Ahhh! All photos poached from 303 Racing.


  1. Larry - thanks for keeping me company hanging on. I was so cross eyed the last 10 miles! -Jamie E
    War Axe kit..

  2. Agreed dog, that was alot of fun and good to have someone to try and work back with. Great experience, and good to have another great bike person in the sphere. You guys crushed me that last 5km, but that was a FUN day for sure.