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Sunday, December 19, 2010


Ok, enough, like Dave said during our conversation yesterday, we just have to move forward and let the absurdity of the hit and run case go away, and concentrate on changing things the next time we can vote. It's done, move forward. So, with that said, we had a great day of Cyclocross in Lyons on Saturday which helped determine the overall Boulder Cyclocross Series points winners. With double points on the line there was some FANTASTIC racing. And better yet, Dave Towle stopped by for a good part of the afternoon to hang out with the crowd, racers and at the announcer's table. Dave reflected on Nationals in Bend and spoke of how what a fantastic vibe and scene the Coloradan's represented while there, and that it truly was a state team effort up dere in the great northern country, wish I could have made the trip.

That said, the first stars and striped made an early appearance when Gage Hecht came to the line in our Junior field proudly wearing his National Championship colors which he dug very deep to earn...Katie Compton, Nicole Duke, Ashley Zoerner, Matt Pacocha, Jonathan Baker and Pete Webber were just a FEW of the Colorado riders that opened up there HUGE cans of woop ass in Bend. Very well done indeed...

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