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Thursday, December 23, 2010


I went to my mail box yesterday and pulled out the stack of catalogs and bills which appear everyday anymore thinking nothing of it. This morning while sifting through the pile of doom, I came upon this gem, and I smiled, for it reminded me of a similar scenario many many years ago. I have not received one of these for years, but low an behold, this is what you get in the mail somehow after paying ALL of your bills WITH late fees on time for the past two years. An offer for an American Express Gold Card membership, with the first year annual fee of $125 waived. Apparently, the folks at American Express see me as a "live one" that they can get even filthier rich off of, god bless them during this holiday season for bringing so much cheer and joy to my life.
Here is the reason for the smile. In 1981, just prior to graduating from college, I received an approved gas credit card (remember those things?) from Chevron. IT WAS FREE FUCKIGN GAS FOR A COLLEGE STUDENT! So guess what I did. go ahead and guess, I dare you. Well, myself and good friend at the time Steve Jaffe, jumped in my 1974 Mercury Comet, and drove across the United States of America for nine weeks, and put every ounce of gas on that credit card, and I was STILL in college. We went everywhere, played golf at Pebble Beach, watched baseball games in every city that had one when we passed through, went to Tijuana, Banff, The Big Easy, San Antonio, Tucson, LA, San Diego, Portland, Seattle and Colorado (which became the reason I would move here two years later), just to name a few,  before heading back to the east coast where we both had relatives to refuel and then back south to Florida, in large debt. I've got a jillion pictures from that trip, and do not think I have ever been credit card debt free since that day. So thank you American Express for bringing back that memory, but I do believe that this time I may have to pass, you bastards. Ho Ho Ho Ho!! Merry Christmas!

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