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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Yesterday was a fuck up, I found out my car is broken big time, just under $3000 to fix my air conditioning and have my head gaskets replaced (guess I was due after 172,000 miles and not having to make payments for several years), money I do not have, then I lost my wallet, which was found and returned by one of Longmont's finest business's, Red Frog Coffee, then I went for a road spin to move some Lactic from getting throttled by five hours with Jake Wells on the road bike the day before, and I double flatted after tearing a $100 road tire on somtin. So it was kind of a fucked up day, on top of Douche Bag of the Year A2B nominee being a fuckstick, Michael Smith of ESPENIS, as so well stated in a reply to Stevil's Facebook pic post.

So today had to be a little better at least, and it was. Another mega miler on the road on a perfect Western Kansas day, I highly recommend this route to you sometime, ride to the north entrance of Carter Lake State Park, then come back through the park, and add miles as needed, there are 50 choices.

From there things got really good, as this picture which was put together by a rather infamous blogger, which has a link right here on A2B, was tossed up on the pages of Facebook for the rest of the cycling world to enjoy. This picture shows ESPN reporter Michael Smith (who incidentally was not on "Around the Horn" today, a show he is normally aired on daily), with a penis for a microphone which somehow ended up in the same toilet as the Martin Erzinger photo several months ago. Below is the picture just before I shat right on this DB's head.....

Join the Facebook page against this raging arsehole HERE
And below Michael Smith of ESPN is trying to swim down the toilet hole with the same penis being smashed into his fat head. I did'nt know this guy could swim so well, but check out that back stroke!

This will be the last post on A2B regarding the Michael Smith comments regarding the car/cyclist incident in the Tour De France this week which could have easily taken the life of one or more riders in a breakaway attempt on an incredible day of bike racing. I'm glad Michael Smith or one of his family members or close friends did not happen to be standing in the spot where this debacle took place and gotten smooshed. The fact that a professional sports reporter/announcer found this incident "hilarious", and repeated this over and over again via Twitter and infuriated the people who both enjoy watching and participating in the sport of cycling is beyond me. This "man" who makes his living by reporting on the celebration of sport, missed one of the most courageous moments in recent cycling and sport history, because it was really something, to watch Flecha and Hoogerland both limp back on their bikes broken and torn, and not angry, and complete the task. Watching Hoogerland pull on the polka dots with tears streaming down his face after this horrific event was priceless, and to see the broken heart of his father and how proud he must have been to ride with Johnny H. the next day must have been surreal, amazing, and a day he will never forget as long as he lives. I'll be damned that if one of or both of these warriors finish the tour that it won't be an incredibly emotional moment when they cross the line in Paris, it'll just be one fine story if they pull it off, and I won't miss it.  I could care less if Michael Smith ever watches or gets on a bike in his life, you bastard, you laughed at the incident that produced this image, and your Karma is gonna suck for a long time.

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