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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The weather has been a bit odd this winter here in the Vail Valley. The snow is God awful and the funny thing is that I've skied way more days this season up until this point of the season than I have for many, many years. It's Christmas, New Years week, and there is a freekin 18 inch base at the ski area, maybe. The forecast for the next ten days shows no snow and big round sunshine forever. It's gonna be 53 and sunny in Moab on Thursday and Friday of this week, my days off, so I'm heading west to Moab, and not just to ride dirt. I've ALWAYS wanted to ride the road through Arches National Park, and I'm gonna do that. I'm gonna wrap up this stress filled year with no stress and pedaling my bikes just to send off 2011 with a big ol FUCK YOU, I WIN.

With that said, the annual A2B Douche Bag of the Year will be announced once again on New Year's Day, it's still up for grabs and your last minute nominees will all be considered. I've got plenty of ideas myself, and it may end up being a big surprise, and someone that you all know very well. Douche Bag.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a good choice my friend. Enjoy Moab and Happy Holidays to you!

    Jeff Place