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Monday, December 5, 2011


A front range junior during a "warm-up" lap at Adrenalin Cross 2011
Inevitably, it happens every year. I personally lose interest as a racer to climb on my bike and punish myself. It usually occurs once ski season starts and I've been distracted by swooshing down the snow covered mountains of Colorado and it's high country, because that shit is fun, really fun. This past weekend on the front range may have been the dagger for me as a racer with just two weeks left until the State Cyclocross Championships which I am once again looking forward to and honored to announce, it's gonna be fun. Remember that word "fun"? Well, I think there is a fine line here, and I personally feel that when we have conditions like we saw on the front range this weekend that there needs to be an age limit requirement, because I saw a lot of kids out there that were not having fun, and that is a shame. I did what I could on the mic to keep them motivated and focused, but when kids finish the "race" crying, that is not a good thing. For the really young juniors, give them the morning off and let them stay home and drink hot chocolate with whip cream and watch cartoons and play Chutes and Ladders, otherwise you may end up on Dr. Phil one day, and that would suck. That's just my two cents from a neutral view. Conditions were hard out there yesterday, really hard, and there is an age and time when it's appropriate to let the 8-9 and 10-12 year olds roll. Just my opinion and I do not expect everyone to agree,  but that is what you sometimes get here on A2B.
BTW, I've got some vij from yesterday which should be entertaining when I get a minute to put it together, working 24/7 and burning it all all three ends right now so bare with me....

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