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Sunday, February 24, 2013


If you live here in the Eagle Valley you hear it constantly, "it was epic at Vail", "best day in five years", "it's so good in Vail". It's always Vail, Vail, Vail. To be honest with you, I love that it is so epic in Vail, because the people who only ski Vail, have no clue what is going on just up the road at Beaver Creek. I ski Beaver Creek pretty exclusively, and for those of us who ski the Beav, we laugh, because we know. Never lift lines, and always as much or more snow, without having to traverse every single run for what seems like miles to get to the next lift line, and God blessed the trees at the Beav. I skied Vail with my girlfriend yesterday because she likes to ski there, and the leftover snow from the two days prior which was so "epic", was no where near as deep as what we saw at the Beav during the same two days. Everyone go ski's epic.

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  1. I was hoping you would drop the trees at the top boom. Oh how I miss that line!