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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


In 1984, I had moved to the town of Gunnison, Colorado after spending my first winter out west in Kestone. I ended up there by strange circumstance in my 1970 Opel Station wagon that took me west from Tallahassee, Florida. My first summer was spent working in Yellowstone National Park where I met still good friend Duke Brown, he owned a bike called a Stumpjumper, I'd never scene one before, but duke would ride the thing around the trails of Yellowstone before they were outlawed there. The next summer in Gunnison, I sold my car for $500 and bought a mountain bike hybird for almost $700, it was a TREK 890, and I rode it to work everyday in Almont where I worked as a rafting and fishing guide all summer. That fall, the town just to the north, Crested Butte, hosted an event called Fat Tire Bike Week. It included a mountain bike race ( I believe over Schofield Pass from town), and it also included a overnight ride to Aspen over Pearl Pass. Our camping gear was hauled up the pass by a couple of piece of crap old trucks that also hauled a but load of kegged beer up there. Several hundred people participated, it was pure wilderness innocence and it was an amazing time to be on this new invention the mountain bike. This video recently popped up on Facebook, and I'm incredibly thankful for it, as it brings back some great memories from a time in my life when it was all in front of me. To think that to this day, 30 years later, the mountain bike still means so much to me is amazing. So lucky to have been a part of this time in MTB history. There was some crazy shit going on back then, and I remember one character in particular from Crested Butte whose name was Lynn, and he talked about how they had originally welded a road bike rear derailleur to a klunker frame to create a geared bike...who the fuck knew we'd be here today buying $15,000 mountain bikes. This video is priceless..and I lived it, what an incredible time indeed.

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