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Sunday, April 10, 2016


But when I do I usually have a pretty good time despite my age and level of suffering. I also like to "race" my bike regardless of what is going on. A solo attack on the technical dirt section at the end of lap 3 of 4 busted up our field, and though it did not stick, it was to be in the mix for a while. I ran out of bullets on the last short incline to the finish line and watched a dozen or so riders blow by me. It was a lot of fun...a lot. 

On a much more serious and broken hearted note, good friend and fellow age group racer Lauren (Larry) Mclaughlin passed away yesterday after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. Pardon my English, but this has been one fucked up couple of years with regards to the loss of friends and significant illness all of who were very young and healthy. I'm not sure what is going on, nor do I want to know, but these things do not seem to make much sense at all. All lived healthy lifestyles, all fell too soon or became ill and are sick. The number of friends I've lost in my old mountain digs is to be honest quite astonishing, from a bunch of bizarre stuff. Tell those you love that you do and do things you enjoy, take some time away from your busy life and breath, do something fun, tomorrow is no guarantee. Most importantly remember this.....
Hugs not handshakes.

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