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Monday, April 25, 2016


Upon wrapping up 5 days visiting my 89 year old mom in Florida, I had some time to roll through some of the piles of very old photos that are in boxes around her condo. I've seen pretty much all of these photos over the years, but this was one I do not ever remember seeing in the past. It was in a big box of miscellaneous photos piled high and deep. This was our back porch in New Jersey when I was just a young kid, along with our Beagle whose name was "Giant". Looks like I've got a mouth and handful of Oreo cookie here and our dog is in some type of box.....this may have been our milk box because in those days we had fresh milk delivered to the house via milk truck. It really wasn't that long ago. Giant looks bummed about the photo op. I'm sure he was fed graciously for his efforts, he always was, he was a really fat dog as I recall. He was a cool dog.

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