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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Phil, Phil, Phil, what in god's name is up with you? Are you even watching the same race the rest of us are this year? I mean Jeeez dude, you mis-announce something at least once between every commercial break. Get your marbles back in order bro.

And was it me? Or did stage 16 kind of suck today. For one thing
bye bye Mr. Christian Vande Velde???
He is gonna need a testosterone jacked ride to get back in it now.

It was fun while it lasted, but now you are tired. Too much Schleck, Voigt, Schleck, Sastre, Schleck for you. And then a beater on the way's all or nothing tomorrow on the alpe, can he do it?

And how's about this kid of Barloworld, John-Lee Augustyn who SUPER MANNED it off the backside of the la Bonette-Restefond descent after summiting the highest point in the Tour first....hero to zero in a hurry. But STILL managed a 35th on the day...I thought speed wobbles sucked.preparing to launch! off the pass?


  1. Yo Elgee! Phil's getting old ..give a dude a break. And todays stage was a little blase', but i think folks are nervous heading into a monster stage tomorrow ??.
    I'm wondering, with all your hating on the pro peloton, do you still think that your bro Floyd was "screwed by the French"? Or is one lap around the river road enough to garner public support from the local bro-bra club? If so, then sign me up for saturday because some shit could hit the fan tomorrow night at the VAilGrind. juuuuiicee
    P.S. Caught a bunch of brookies sunday just outside Minturn, we'll have to hit it up.

  2. FINALLY a bro Floyd?...hardly, just think it is cooool to take a look at both sides. It is interesting however how many of Lance's old boys are coming down with a bad case of the EPO flu aint it?