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Thursday, November 25, 2010


VeloNews Story HERE
This is a fuzzy photo off Chuck Coyle from Frisco Cross 2010. Chuck is in the middle of a HUGE pile of shit right now regarding an "issue" with EPO which at best seems a bit unclear. I know many of you believe that I do not have an ounce of knowledge in my head when it comes to the news in our regional cycling community, however I do know alot of people who ride and race and spend quite a bit of time in the scene. This group of friends includes people who know, race against and with Chuck Coyle. I can't say I know Chuck as a friend but I've always tried to be cordial with the guy as I see him often while either racing, cheering or announcing at our local scene, he's always been a crowd favorite.  A2B "sources" have explained what they know about this situation and I'm actually going to for once try to have some journalistic responsibility as I have learned over the 3.5 years of producing all the garbage and fun on this blog site, that ALOT of people read this. What I have heard regarding this story is what some people out there have heard and may know, it does not necessarily mean it is true and I am not standing behind one person or another, nor do I support or condone USADA or WADA. I do know doping needs to stop. I also know it probably would have been fair to Chuck Coyle if some of the details of the entire story came out rather that it just being a story of Coyle being tied to EPO. He is not even accused of using the drug, but rather being associated with it. Bottom line is this sucks for cycling locally and worldwide, and Hudz-Subaru should not be scorned or associated with the story....more later.
(Update, Coyles response HERE)


  1. Hi,
    I don't know what EPO is. But I do know that drug related stories in cycling or any other sport do considerable damage. And the stories tend to stick, be they rumour or otherwise.

  2. But Elgee, the first paragraph in the original article posted by VeloNews states: "...the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency found that he had purchased and used synthetic erythropoietin (EPO) and insulin growth factor (IGF-1)."

    "used" is the key word. Now, if VeloNews simply made up that part, or if USADA incorrectly stated such, Chuck is in a position to sue the pants off either for libel.

    I hope his side of the story is the truth. I really do. But right now, the damage has been done and Chuck is in a terrible position to defend himself. I'm reading the comments and support from other riders and friends of Chuck's and their words sound sincere. I hope they are not just another set of lies and deceit.

    I am an idealist. I believe in the power of sports to transform normal people and normal circumstances into legends. The suffering and struggle to overcome and succeed beyond expectations is best learned thru competitive athletic endeavors. When I read about suspensions at the local cycling level, I start to doubt that anyone is clean. I don't like that feeling. Those at the Elite level are the gods and goddesses of cycling, the ones that have moved from the lowest level (like me) to the top step on the global podium. So, when I get the thought that all cyclist are cheating, I start to doubt the legends of my sport, those people that I watch with stunned appreciation for their talent and dedication. And when I can't watch my heroes without suspicion, I find it difficult to enjoy the sport anymore. That's what Chuck's suspension did to me. It made me look thru jaded lenses at every cyclist I have ever followed or appreciated. And Chuck was one of that group.

  3. Can't argue with any of that Cap'n. It's horrible if it pans out as is. I've "heard" another story, and I do not know truly what to think. Wecan also have a conversation away from print about this. I've had thoughts about this for a very long time, alot of stuff does not ad up where we race.....for fun. I dig lining up with you because I know you are the real deal, myself and you have other motivations, the basic simple ones. It's a fantastic means to a great end, and I'm not going to let the "distorted" ruin any of it for me and the good guys. I've always felt even guys who ride clean but with the shit attitudes, you know, the guys who act like they invented CX Bikes and CX racing ruin the shit for everyone. It's their loss, not mine or yours. If there is just ONE clean guy to line up against on any day it's a good day,let the liers wallow in their sorrow.