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Monday, November 22, 2010


Well, it did not take long for me to realize why Vail does pretty much suck as a ski area. Once again as I pulled in to the parking structure to start off my ski season at Vail I was quickly reminded of the $25 it is going to cost every single car that parks there this winter. It's a joke, and a rip-off, and I know where all the "free" spots are, christ, I've been skiing there for the better part of 30 years, but it's pretty much just a slap in the face for every skier that heads there to ski, and it takes ALOT of money away from the local merchants as you have to spend your lunch and beer money everyday there to park a 1/4 mile from the ski hill and then walk your ass off to get to the ski lifts. The choice is yours, pay $100 a day to ski, then $25 to park, walk like a hod to the ski lifts, spend $20 on a slice of pizza, $5 on a coke, $7 on a candy bar, $8 on a beer, all while on the hill, then what are you going to spend with the local merchants when you get off the hill? Your first born. Thank god Beaver Creek opens on Wednesday, I'll park for free and go have lunch at Gino's in Avon for $8, which gets me a killer Chicago style beef sangmich, chips and a bottle of Coca Cola. Terry needs the money alot more than those greedy bastards up the road, trust me, Gino's rox it.


  1. pack a samwich nxt time.D

  2. I'm not going to argue that most of Vail is overpriced but I hear (could be wrong, I'm new to CO) that it's the town of Vail, not Vail resort that's screwing everyone with parking. Also, I picked up my eagle county parking card that's almost 1/2 price for parking, which still sucks.
    So I'll see you over at BC Elgee.
    Do they have an equivalent to the garfinkle's deck at BC? Ski, sun and beer. I love CO.
    John Mac