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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Just when the driving snow of winter drives me into thoughts of warmer days on the bike, and especially after two amazing days of road riding with my BOMB girlfriend down on the front range, I stumbled upon some stuff I neglected to blog back in September after the road trip to Interbike. So let's have a throw back post today....the road to Vegas with the Feedback Sports guys, to push Squirt Lube at both the Outdoor Demo, which was a cluster, with temps of 100 and winds gusting to 40mph both days..

And then all kinds of killer new product on the hall floor at the Venetian including thes killer new treads from Kenda...

yeah, there were tons of sexy fixies, but I was wearing the wrong kind of jeans to ride one

Very sweet and light new night riding systems, this one from LUU Lighting

Serenity bikes, yeah all one piece

What eva, nothin betta
Rim to win

Cross Vegas rocked it
the end
And then there is this gem, it was late in the day at Dirt Demo day two, and there was beer...

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