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Friday, January 7, 2011


Let me start by saying these are not pictures of my sinuses. With that said, we all have eight sinus cavities in our heads. They help us breath, smell, taste and ride bikes fast if they are normal. The picture up top shows normal, unaffected sinuses which most of us have. Black represents "clear" and open sinuses. The picture below show sinuses packed with infectious material and polyps which some others have. Seven years ago I had major sinus surgery to remove bone, cartilage and infectious material which had packed all of my sinuses solid. People who have a favorable condition to grow these polyps are also unfortunately going to be asthmatic, as the same viral issues create both of these problems, they are brothers. I have them both, and every 6-7 years I must get cleaned out. I did not post my own personal catscan pictures here as you would not be able to see anything clear, there is zero black in the images of any of my eight sinus cavities. I can't smell or taste, and I have been walking around with a sinus infection 24-7 for ten months, tired, stuffed up, feeling like crap and wanting to sleep all day. My seven years is up, and it's time to get augured out again on January 25th, there is no choice.
I would have posted my own catscan pics, but then you would have seen that there are clearly some loose screws.


  1. Best wishes to you Larry. I hope all goes well.
    So you'll be in a good mood by Cult X?

  2. I'll be rolling the day after surgery!