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Rudy Project, the exclusive eyewear of A2B

Monday, March 14, 2011


By now, most of the A2B followers out in the cyber world know and understand that I have a very good relationship with the team at Rudy Project USA. I've been a loyal supporter of their sunglasses and gear for many, many years, and there are endless reason's why. First and foremost they make a KICK ASS product. Stamped and made in Italy, the full line of sunglass product is second to none when it comes to quality, and they have their own unique design and style, always have, and quite frankly fit my noggin much more custom than the "other" stuff out there that all has that basic "clone" look and has so many of you sucked into their multi-million dollar marketing campaigns. I do not give a crap if Shaun White wears something quite frankly. I want something that fits my head, looks unique, and has the quality I'm looking for as someone who demands nothing but the best everyday when I'm out playing hard on my skis or bikes. And here is the topper, CUSTOMER SERVICE second to none and so far away from the rest of the competition that Rudy stands alone. The team at Rudy will work with you should you have a problem, and they are fair.

Which brings me to the latest product review for 2011, the Rudy Project Noyz. These sunglasses reeeek of style. Functionally I quickly found out after my first two bike rides in the Noyz in HEAVY wind, that they ride extremely "quiet". This means that the design of these glasses fits snug to my face, and there are no turbulence behind the lens, even in very heavy wind, to create tired, strained, dry or sore eyeballs during your ride. 
Check this out....

The Rudy Project Noyz, you want em, and you know it. This is the "Multilaser Blue" lenses which have proven to be ideal in sunny conditions knocking out the sun's attempt to blind me like vinegar trying to mix with oil, it aint gonna happen. On overcast days, the Impact X lens is unbeatable, eliminating those "flat light" dilemmas and keeping my vision clear as a bell.

This is Rudy Style
Rudy has a super smart Le Fluo program this year including both their sunglasses line and the Sterling Helmet line as well for high visibility while on the road, again, safety matters to Rudy.

The Noyz, in two of it's bad ass color combos....please.

And the Noyz comes with all the necessary options, hard case, soft carrying bag that acts as a lens cloth, spares lenses to your liking, and lens sleeve which fits in the front of the hard case.

You can tie these temples in a knot, and then shape them right back to where you want them to be, wallah.

Impeccable craftsmanship in the temples leaves a seamless and FAST looking pair of glasses.

Adjustable shnoz piece, have you seen my nose? I need this, big time.
Get ya some....

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