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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


And so it is, I've been accused of being bitter about Eagle, I'm not, not really, I like it there and there is no reason for me to be bitter about anything there. I was up there last week for 5 days during the Teva Games working and I'll be back up tomorrow for the Vail Rec Series race and the Mike Janelle Memorial fundraiser, bring a lot of money. Before I left Eagle, I documented the number of empty store fronts in town and out at Eagle Ranch and was chastised by a few A2B readers. No big deal, you are entitled. Then while I was there two weeks ago I went out to look for a lunch spot with my girlfriend, and we drove around, and the Smiling Moose had gone out of business, then we drove over to Mi Pueblo and it looked closed, and it was, for good, then we drove by Dominoes, and FUCKING DOMINOES WAS OUT OF BUSINESS. How does Dominoes go out of business? And then I heard a number that half of Eagle Ranch is in Foreclosure, myself included of course, and then I wondered why people were pissed at me for speaking the truth? But the mountain biking was of course still stellar, and that is a big part of your answer still Eagle, because there ain't much else to do there. And then I visited Valmont Bike Park and thought, this seems like a pretty good idea....maybe you could build one of those, right on the driving range of the golf course. 

By the way, does anyone remember that Sarah Palin QUIT the Governorship of Alaska? That's right, just plain and simply walked out on the people that voted her into office because she was tired of the position. Vote for her.

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  1. I may have read it before, but what is the reason nothing stays in business in this town? It's kinda ridiculous that nothing can survive (save yeti's and the boot and a few others).